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This group is for questions and comments of developers using re-motion (including re-linq and re-mix).
re‑motion is an open source framework for rapid development of maintainable and extensible .NET enterprise applications.

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Using re-linq to extend LINQ and modify resulting T-SQL Mikael Ørseng 4/16/18
Release date for version 2.2.0 / Issue RMLNQ-115 Toni Wenzel 1/26/18
Detecting whether a resultoperator is applied to the outer query Gunnar Liljas 10/29/17
MemberInitExpression Toni Wenzel 7/6/17
Remotion.Linq.EagerFetching 2.1 Alexander Zaytsev 3/16/17
Workaround for Toni Wenzel 3/1/17
Clone() of main from clause is done twice Gordon Watts 1/25/17
Calling an async call inside executor Jordi Cabré 1/12/17
Any new version? Toni Wenzel 11/25/16
Select Transformation Example Paul 11/13/16
DateDiff suggestions Jordi Cabré 11/4/16
Create a custom ResultOperator Jordi Cabré 9/24/16
Possible bug in QueryModel.Clone Gordon Watts 6/20/16
Replace QuerySourceReference by another mapped entities Jordi Cabré 6/7/16
Handle Extension methods Jordi Cabré 5/2/16
Pretty printing a query model Gordon Watts 4/21/16
How to handle grouped by sentences Jordi Cabré 4/16/16
Collection Property Any method -> node must be a reducible node Jordi Cabré 3/29/16
ReLinq steps and concepts Jordi Cabré 3/15/16
Projector parameter is null? Jordi Cabré 3/10/16
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