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This group is for questions and comments of developers using re-motion (including re-linq and re-mix).
re‑motion is an open source framework for rapid development of maintainable and extensible .NET enterprise applications.

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Remotion Linq 2.0.0-rc.1 released Michael Ketting 8/25/15
Remotion Linq 2.0.0-beta.1 released Michael Ketting 8/25/15
Remotion.Linq 2.0.0 alpha 4 released Michael Ketting 6/3/15
Relinq-SqlBackened Generating Invalid SQL John Bacon 5/29/15
Using re-linq to extend functionality of existing provider Avi Cherry 4/16/15
Remotion Linq 2.0.0 alpha 3 released Michael Ketting 4/5/15
A little stuck implementing my own custom query operator (similar to WHERE) using ReLinq Sam Fold 10/15/14
missing VisitGroupByClause in QueryModelVisitorBase raoof hojat 10/7/14
handle Groupby clause in QueryModelVisitorBase raoof hojat 10/5/14
[re-linq] Request for comments: spring cleaning to get ready for semantic versioning Michael Ketting 5/29/14
Using (.NET 3.5) Stuck in tutorial Tyhja Tchlstkov 5/11/14
[re-linq] Support for Portable Class Library in Remotion.Linq, updated security policy, and future support of Semantic Versioning Michael Ketting 5/6/14
Why is Take classed as a result operator in re-linq? Nathan Baulch 4/24/14
Execute Select within Select in-memory Nathan Baulch 4/21/14
License change of re-linq frontend (Remotion.Linq.dll) from LGPL v2.1 to ASL 2.0 Michael Ketting 4/11/14
Alternative License? Matt Johnson 3/18/14
Re: [re-motion-users] I find a bug in ExpressionTreeParser.cs hope fix it Fabian Schmied 2/2/14
Transforming a QueryModel Gordon Watts 1/11/14 on nuget? Gordon Watts 1/7/14
Recent versions of re-linq, .NET Gordon Watts 10/25/13
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