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Call for Testers: New Rdio JavaScript API Ian Gilman 2/28/14
API Issue Tracker Devin S. 11/12/13
Resume support for rdio track Bharat Makwana 12:08 AM
JS API: OAuth2 Redirect URI Failing in Chrome Extension Jonathan Limbird 4/24/14
Is there any skip limit on tracks? Pradeep RP 4/24/14
Listening History API Rhett Garber 4/21/14
ready value when using jQuery Playback Rodrigo Carvalho 4/18/14
"extras" parameter for tracks inside a playlist Orion Reblitz-Richardson 4/15/14
Extras parameter failing Jackson Geller 4/10/14
Python test program to access rdio api vsan...@gmail.com 4/8/14
Playlists in Top Charts seems to be down Trevor 4/4/14
Crash at [AudioStreamer startInternal] on simulator but not device (iOS 7.1) daniel hanover 3/29/14
Pushing 'Now Playing' to external LCD display Sean Campbell 3/29/14
Custom Authentication ViewController on iOS al...@tiptopspeakers.com 3/28/14
Facebook Authentication David Brunow 3/28/14
JS API: When R.player.playingSource() is a Playlist, source.tracks is just an array and not a "Backbone.Collection-style" collection Trevor 3/28/14
JS API: How do I get the list of queued tracks for a station? Trevor 3/25/14
iOS SDK 1.3.6: Unable to play more than 2 sources consecutively. Yannick 3/24/14
JS Api: Why is R.player.playingSource().owner an Object and not a String? Trevor 3/20/14
JS API: Seeing SecurityError: "Blocked by a frame with origin..." Trevor 3/20/14
Android - play a song by url Martin Lazarov 3/13/14
iOS API RDPlayer seekToPosition: al...@tiptopspeakers.com 3/13/14
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