This is a discussion group for RDFLib, a Python library for working with RDF, a simple yet powerful language for representing information.

Source-code, issue-tracker and related projects are all found on http://github.com/RDFLib

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Re: rdflib v5.0 Gunnar Aastrand Grimnes 10/20/18
How to use FILTER REGEX in RDFLib? Kristina 9/20/18
Running sparqlwrapper package using fuseki cvsrso...@gmail.com 9/12/18
how to install rdflib on Windows? esras...@gmail.com 8/15/18
Parsing trig file devm...@gmail.com 6/22/18
RDFLib roadmap & governance scossu 5/3/18
Regex in SPARQLWrapper Cristian Cocos 3/19/18
Does SPARQLWrapper work over HTTPS? Cristian Cocos 3/16/18
SPARQLWrapper 1.8.1 released Carlos Tejo 2/25/18
Do you know a public SPARQL endpoint and what server is behind? Improving SPARQLWrapper tests Carlos Tejo 2/21/18
Why are contexts stored as graphs? scossu 2/19/18
Integrate rdfLib to Apache Spark yardiab...@gmail.com 2/6/18
Deparsing a parsed SPARQL query devoni...@gmail.com 1/13/18
How to create rdf:parseType="Resource" in XML serialization? koni...@googlemail.com 1/4/18
interrogation .owl file through SPARQL in Python dme...@gmail.com 1/1/18
interrogation file .owl (serialsé by RDF/XML) through sparql in Python dme...@gmail.com 1/1/18
Transactional back ends scossu 12/29/17
Opening and closing RDF store connections in Flask app scossu 12/29/17
SERVICE and federated queries mar...@gmail.com 12/28/17
Deleting triples from in all graphs in a dataset (Fuseki) scossu 12/19/17
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