This is a discussion group for RDFLib, a Python library for working with RDF, a simple yet powerful language for representing information.

Source-code, issue-tracker and related projects are all found on http://github.com/RDFLib

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Syntax Help vsj...@gmail.com 4/27/15
SPARQL Querying in rdflib vsj...@gmail.com 4/26/15
Installing on Eclipse/Mac vsj...@gmail.com 4/25/15
SPARQLWrapper1-1.7.0_dev, sparqlstore appears to fail nraphael 4/16/15
Serializing graph with named graphs Raff 3/30/15
Obtaining object in a particular language anoga...@gmail.com 3/22/15
Separated instances in a graph anoga...@gmail.com 3/20/15
how to install rdflib on Windows? esras...@gmail.com 3/10/15
parse and serialize not idempotent (and they should) ixemad 3/4/15
How can I get what a query contains? anoga...@gmail.com 2/16/15
ValueError: No JSON object could be decoded anoga...@gmail.com 2/14/15
SKOS Concept Scheme Denver Smith 2/8/15
rdflib documentation bryanwarr...@gmail.com 1/30/15
rdflib and 4Store Daniele Varrazzo 1/22/15
Pickling prepared SPARQL queries n...@mayacs.com 12/15/14
RDF for MAFF (RDF:Description attributes and upper case) Matěj Cepl 12/12/14
I am getting a new error related with english languageI anoga...@gmail.com 12/11/14
rdflib + sphinx ReStructuredText roles and directives Wes Turner 11/30/14
rdflib + IPython notebook __repr_html__ ? Wes Turner 11/29/14
rdflib + http://www.w3.org/TR/html-json-forms/ Wes Turner 11/29/14
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