This is a discussion group for RDFLib, a Python library for working with RDF, a simple yet powerful language for representing information.

Source-code, issue-tracker and related projects are all found on http://github.com/RDFLib

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Querying "François Hollande" or any other people with special characters sic...@gmail.com 12/15/16
freeing up memory after graph Michal Galdzicki 11/3/16
Reasoning with Fact++ in rdflib Evgeny 9/15/16
json-ld serialization of named graphs Jon Crump 8/25/16
Django Newbie question ( using Python/Django for Semantic Web Apps) - Query Jena Fuseki Triplestore. Bruce Whealton 8/1/16
Annotations in DBPedia devaraj...@gmail.com 7/19/16
New PyPI release for rdflib-jsonld? Graham Klyne 5/12/16
How to convert CSV to RDF file format Arun Tyagi 5/6/16
Get other labels using methods such as preferredLabel Laura Gorrieri 5/3/16
How to let machine parse RDF to construct the HTTP request? shen...@gmail.com 4/14/16
Rdflib Serialise to rdfa or Microformats michael petychakis 3/10/16
paging SPARQL query results? Darren Govoni 2/18/16
Dealing with lists of entities (aka collections) Aurélien Mazurie 1/12/16
nquad parsing seems to return empty graph. a.sch...@gmail.com 12/27/15
dce30<script>alert(1)<%2fscript>e7e48 cash...@gmail.com 12/24/15
Cannot get to work SPARQL SELECT FROM, FROM NAMED queries Jeroen537 11/28/15
N-Triples to MySQL Jeroen Steen 11/4/15
INSERT doesn't work in rdflib "why?" Fabiano Luz 10/31/15
Graph.__contains__ g.zyc...@gmail.com 10/30/15
JSON-LD: @id values and relative URI reference value Graham Klyne 10/21/15
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