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RBW Owners Bunch - Dedicated to the discussion of Rivendell Bicycles and products
Ride reports encouraged, as is a respectful, supportive and polite tone in all posts.
This group is not endorsed by Rivendell Bicycle Works.
  You don't need to own one - just an interest in RBW designs is enough to join in.

Please note - Membership and Posting:
A Common Question is "Where's my post?" 
All new members are moderated.  It can take a couple days sometimes, and "test posts" just make it worse. 
In other words, there is a bottleneck for new members.  One benefit is that it traps spammers, and also limits simply posting ads to the list by folks who don't have an interest in the conversation, swerving the discussion OT or flippant responses.  The downside is that it may be a few times before your moderated condition gets changed. An email to me (the list admin) at cyclofiend@gmail.com can speed this up.
If you are looking for general technical help,  there are other lists more suited for general cycling questions or general discussions of bicycles and non-RBW items. (iBob, Peter White's Bicycle Lifestyle group, etc.)
Random FS posts for non-Rivendell items and OT (off-topic) posts are generally not passed through, so if that is what you posted, please do not expect to see it. 

There have been a number of google-group-system-based issues related to posts not showing up. If you aren't seeing your posts, please feel free to contact me (the list admin) at cyclofiend@gmail.com

Please note - For Sale / Trade / Want Posts:
There is now a "tag" for this specific type of post.  Please use it to allow other group members to quickly scan for FS/FT/WTT/WTB posts. The use of appropriate acronyms in the post header will continue to be a convention, of course.  Please continue to limit FS-type posts to items within the realm of this group.

Thanks for your patience and your contributions!

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