Welcome to the "programming with big data in R" pbdR discussion group. The pbdR series packages enable high-level distributed data parallelism in R through a tight coupling with highly scalable HPC libraries. You are welcome to discuss or provide comments for the pbdR series packages. For more information, please visit the websites:

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WARNING: Error in initializing MVAPICH2 ptmalloc library. SiliconValley 1/10/18
A kronecker function for a ddmatrix (pbdDMAT) Uche Okeke 12/7/17
Sparse Matrix Support Anthony Thomas 11/4/17
pmclust has zero variance Audris Mockus 5/20/17
Problem with FAMD function, Maryam Pashmi 5/9/17
pbdMPI is not available for R3.2.0. Is this true? peter szovenyi 2/21/17
Parallel calculation using R on Linux compute server Yang Yang 12/6/16
Can't install: "error: ignoring return value of 'int sodium_init()'" Eugene Pakhomov 12/5/16
Receive a segfault output file when trying to use pbdMPI Ben Fotovich 11/11/16
Re: Return value of a Function from only one processor George Ostrouchov 10/13/16
Read 3D NetCDF4 file in parallel David Wang 9/21/16
error with as.ddmatrix in pbdDMAT 0.4-0 Christopher Paciorek 6/13/16
How to run program from my Laptop to Cluster of Computers Deb Midya 2/3/16
pbdNCDF4 with foreach Dawg 2/2/16
Re: PBDDmat with a matrix ~9.68GB ! George Ostrouchov 1/20/16
Fragmentation error during installation of pbdMPI Xiangcheng Mi 1/15/16
Install_github does not find mpi.h (MSMPI) Sebastian Konietzny 1/5/16
pbdDMAT with very big matrix !!! Dao Quang Minh 12/18/15
pbdNCDF4 is on CRAN Wei-Chen Chen 12/14/15
pbdR vs. SparkR Sebastian Konietzny 12/12/15
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