Welcome to the "programming with big data in R" pbdR discussion group. The pbdR series packages enable high-level distributed data parallelism in R through a tight coupling with highly scalable HPC libraries. You are welcome to discuss or provide comments for the pbdR series packages. For more information, please visit the websites:

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error with as.ddmatrix in pbdDMAT 0.4-0 Christopher Paciorek 2/29/16
How to run program from my Laptop to Cluster of Computers Deb Midya 2/3/16
pbdNCDF4 with foreach Dawg 2/2/16
Re: PBDDmat with a matrix ~9.68GB ! George Ostrouchov 1/20/16
Fragmentation error during installation of pbdMPI Xiangcheng Mi 1/15/16
Install_github does not find mpi.h (MSMPI) Sebastian Konietzny 1/5/16
pbdDMAT with very big matrix !!! Dao Quang Minh 12/18/15
pbdNCDF4 is on CRAN Wei-Chen Chen 12/14/15
pbdR vs. SparkR Sebastian Konietzny 12/12/15
pbdSLAP problem installing Sylvia Wilkerson 12/10/15
pdbSLAP install failure on Mac with El Capitan Erika Dade 12/9/15
How to change root password on pbdr VM? Sebastian Konietzny 12/3/15
Installing pbdR on Windows 10 Deb Midya 10/12/15
pbdMPI and pbdDMAT Alba Martinez-Ruiz 9/23/15
pbdMPI install failure with macport openmpi ChungKai Sun 9/9/15
Build pbdR without access to IB card Justin Krometis 9/4/15
error in init.grid pbdDMAT v 0.3-3 Cristina Montañola 9/3/15
Problem with using pbdNCDF4::nc_create_par or pbdNCDF4::ncvar_put Romain C 8/21/15
pbdSLAP, pbdMAT, pbdBASE installs fail in R-3.2.2, with MKL and OpenMPI 1.8.8 Bruce Foster 8/20/15
pbdNCDF4 with parallel I/O : installation fails on compilation of pncdf4.c Dave Biagioni 8/18/15
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