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I've implemented logging, wonder if I can access the schedule via HTTP interface too? David Gustavson 10/25/12
v1.4u won't connect to network ramblin' guy 10/24/12
OpenSprinkler and MCV Vera2 ramblin' guy 10/24/12
Bricked my Opensprinkler trying to roll my own code...help pls. got1 10/14/12
Programs not starting Mike Morris 10/14/12
Rain questions Nick Kloski 10/12/12
feature requests / thoughts Andrew Radke 10/12/12
Tips on debugging changes to opensprinkler...How do you debug Ray? got1 10/12/12
New OpenSprinkler built, no DHCP Mike Morris 10/12/12
Help to send HTTP GET from opensprinkler TO my web server (to a .php script). got1 10/10/12
Can I run off of 26 VAC Kevin Brown 10/8/12
Powering Wifi adapter Chris 10/7/12
Board 1.1 wont upload to 1.8, 1.6 is OK. Mongo 10/7/12
Re: [rayshobby] AC adapter Dave Hylands 10/7/12
Run a Program Manually Bill D. 10/4/12
Oh my god open sprinkler Just a note of thanks wonderful product s White 10/2/12
NTP update of RTC Ray Ramirez 10/1/12
Firmware 1.8.1 Updates and Tutorial Ray 9/27/12
DS1302 Time Drift DEKi 9/27/12
Failed voltage check Joe Cline 9/26/12
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