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Newbie build experiences? Robert Leonard 8/29/12
1.42u kit won't sync or use DHCP Scott Davis 11/9/13
OpenSprinkler on Mega 2560 + W5100 Ethernet Shield + relay board Glen Hertz 8/11/13
Open Sprinkler Arduino Programming Derek 6/8/13
Firmware update issue Cmos 5/24/13
Raspberry Pi based open sprinkler? Plastidip 2/21/13
Voltage Check Issue Vorex 1/30/13
Open Sprinkler hw ver 1.0 with 1.8.1 Fw does not always startup Christopher Gillanders 12/4/12
self test issues K7RSB 11/20/12
Garage Door - Feature Request Rex 11/20/12
What EXACTLY to delete so 1.8 will compile on OS X? ubestbsteppin 11/17/12
Kit Restock? wicked1 11/15/12
Exclamation points instead of o for open Steve 11/12/12
How do I get a program to run at 12:00am to 4:00am? Joshua 11/6/12
Sprinkler logging interface works well now (tested with firmware 1.8.1) David Gustavson 11/5/12
Self test mode problem K7RSB 11/5/12
Can Opensprinkler be used to run landscape lighting as well ? Merkurmaniac 11/5/12
green infrastructure Reggie Greenwood 11/5/12
Station Delay of Zero garygid 11/2/12
S1 stays open and will not shut off Joe Cline 10/31/12
How Do I Turn On More Than One Station At A Time? Joshua 10/30/12
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