RavenDB - 2nd generation document database

This is the mailing list of RavenDB - a second generation document database. This mailing list is used for general support and discussion about RavenDB.
Customers that with a support contract should reach us on support@ravendb.net.

Please read about the support options and the levels we guarantee, this mailing list is not meant for production or emergency issues. That is why support contracts for RavenDB exists.

For bug reports, you can use our issue tracker.

  1. Search the archive first, it's likely that your question was already answered. (But do not revive old threads).
  2. When asking a question, please include the build you are using, and what you tried to do.
  3. In order to get faster answer / resolution to your issue, please attach a test which replicates what you are doing.
Cross posting:

Many members of this list are also watching the RavenDB tag in StackOverflow, please avoid posting the same question both here and in StackOverflow.


If you haven't done so already, you can download RavenDB from http://ravendb.net/download.
You can also download the builds from http://hibernatingrhinos.com/builds/ravendb-stable, which also has more verbose release notes.

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