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Can't run rails server on todo sample Paul Morriss 5/28/14
rails server error!!! brian van vlymen 5/21/14
I want Rails version 3.2 after install, not 4 Mark Locklear 5/16/14
Error changing group of /opt/rix to rvm Andreas Koutsoukos 5/10/14
OSX Support Evan Machnic 5/5/14
No Mavericks Support? Wintaru 5/5/14
basic Internet knowledge Wim 4/30/14
How to open Sublime 2 in the command prompt MagiCyle 4/29/14
Railsinstaller for Mac (Mavericks) Maxwell White 3/14/14
railsinstaller difficulties missing gem Gary Burton 3/12/14
Re: Installation Problems (Error Changing group of /opt/rix to rvm ) Evan Machnic 1/13/14
can't run project. ExtensionBuildError Abbas Fatullaev 1/11/14
Duvidas Railsinstaller no ubuntu Fabiano Bezerra 1/10/14
How to either move Rails or install it in the proper directory... Marcelo Berta 1/4/14
rails server error pavey nganpi 12/27/13
rails 3.2.1 pavey nganpi 12/26/13
generating first rails app pavey nganpi 12/25/13
When will an installer be compatible with OSX 10.9 Blake Lieberman 12/23/13
I'm new to Ruby, Rails and all that Emmanuel Owusu Asamoah 12/22/13
Installed RailsInstaller, but Ruby version is old and no Rails Aniruddha Barapatre 11/27/13
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