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Any discussion about the overall project, features for any of the individual gems, or speculation about possible new features is welcome. Bugs should be filed on GitHub against the individual gems, anything else goes here.

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Sending HTML Mail Alex Onozor 3/15/18
A better default authentication system for apis - early draft Hamza Mahmood 3/19/17
Slack in! Benjamin Fleischer 1/4/16
jsonapi, active_model_serializers and sequel models Paul Cowan 10/9/15
Starting guide or tutorial? Juanjo Conti 6/12/15
Using ActionController::API for just API controllers Yos Riady 6/4/15
Basic guidelines for API authentication in an iOS/Ember.js app? Andrew Havens 6/4/15
New Cache Support on AMS João Moura 5/19/15
Creating Rails api of already created web application in Rails architecture Puneet Agarwal 2/19/15
The future of AMS Steve Klabnik 2/3/15
Responders and ApplicationController Carles Jove i Buxeda 1/23/15
State of urls? Carles Jove i Buxeda 12/31/14
Some issues that I found in Rals I wish rails-api (or rails) didn't have them Filippos Vasilakis 12/12/14
Collection+JSON Adapter for AMS Carles Jove i Buxeda 12/11/14
Preload associations scoped to current user Roman 11/25/14
Support both an existing AMS API and the new JSON-API adapter in same app? Gary Gordon 10/30/14
AMS: Caching Raik 10/19/14
Thoughts on RSpec? I'm finding working with MiniTest kinda verbose L. Preston Sego III 10/13/14
AMS - is the intention to always return a hash? L. Preston Sego III 10/13/14
How do I use rabl-rails as my JSON renderer ? Aravind Kumar 10/4/14
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