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Any discussion about the overall project, features for any of the individual gems, or speculation about possible new features is welcome. Bugs should be filed on GitHub against the individual gems, anything else goes here.

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AMS, proposed action plan Adrian Mugnolo 6/24/14
Feature: support manually specified sideload data in ActiveModel::Serializers Doug Puchalski 6/2/14
protect_from_forgery, with: :null_session Jay Wengrow 5/26/14
Action View Michael Kaiser-Nyman 5/26/14
AMS: Caching Raik Osiablo 4/10/14
Feature to define default-unrendered attributes to ActiveModel::Serializers Martin Kraft 4/8/14
Problem with rails-api dont save in data base Alessandro Binhara 3/27/14
AMS: Renaming a polymorphic type Ben Moss 1/16/14
Rails API 0.2.0 released Santiago Pastorino 1/13/14
How to set a custom ArraySerialize for the entire application Simone Carletti 1/8/14
Thoughts on AM::Serializers Daniel Schierbeck 1/6/14
Plans for JSON API compliant adaptor? Steven Harman 12/31/13
Add support for `omit_nil_values` option Marc Beaupré-Pham 12/6/13
how to test active_model_serializers Mathieu Allaire 12/3/13
Rails app as gem? Martin Streicher 11/26/13
AMS and conditional gets - any way to detect when serializers change? Gordon McNaughton 11/21/13
Public folder in Rails-Api Richard McSharry 11/4/13
CSS Michael Kaiser-Nyman 11/3/13
ActiveModel::Serializers rewrite Santiago Pastorino 10/15/13
[FEATURE] active_model_serializers: add meta_key = false option to merge meta object into root Nick Donohue 10/5/13
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