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Welcome to the Quick2Wire Users group! 

This is a forum for questions and suggestions about the Quick2Wire add-ons for the Raspberry Pi.

We hope you find it useful, and look forward to hearing from you.

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I'm re-starting the Quick2Wire project Romilly Cocking 3/6/17
1 wire plus pi manuelantonio...@gmail.com 3/25/17
quick2wire python3 raspberry pi pi python3 noob 2/23/17
RPi, ADS1115 shortage Jim Julian 7/21/16
How to Master Raspi receive FLOAT value from Arduino Slave Pham Dinh 7/6/16
install the software for I2C on Banana PI Givi 2/11/16
# apt-get update and GPG error: Givi 2/10/16
Quick2Wire on Banana PI Givi 2/7/16
python library for Accelerometer (MMA8452Q) John Nivard 8/26/15
CalledProcessError: Command '['gpio-admin', 'export', '24']' returned non-zero exit stautus 4 Luca c 6/1/15
gpio-admin: failed to change group ownership geert van moer 3/24/15
problem with Add the Quick2Wire public key Robert Palo 1/22/15
what component is the interface board in red marker part? ch li 8/29/14
tristate gpio Bob Jones 7/2/14
What are we using to replace Quick2Wire? Jeffrey Herr 2/26/14
Interrupt driven ports on Quick2wire port extender (i2c) Dave Shaw 2/6/14
reading from MMA8452Q John Nivard 1/17/14
What's up with the website? Tim Smardon 12/27/13
Re: problem with curl Andrew Scheller 12/13/13
AssertationError Peter 12/13/13
problems with i2c Fernando Palacios Escribano 12/3/13
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