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[GSoC] Qubes-MIME-Handlers Weekly Progress Report #6 Andrew Morgan 1:29 PM
Changing qubes-core-admin license to LGPL v2.1+ Marek Marczykowski-Górecki 6:10 AM
Split GPG: Enable Hidden Recipients Eric Duncan 5:36 AM
Suggestion: touchscreen support for guests Joseph Taylor 7/22/17
Seeking moderators for unofficial Qubes IRC channels on Freenode and OFTC Andrew David Wong 7/21/17
OVMF for R4.0 Alex Floyd 7/20/17
New beta of Qubes VPN support project Chris Laprise 7/20/17
Fwd: AMD Ryzen working with IOMMU, HCL results attached Bjoern Christoph 7/19/17
[GSoC] Progress report: Anti Evil Maid enhancements Patrik Hagara 7/19/17
JACK audio backend for Qubes damien 7/19/17
New Qubes 4.0 pre-release image [20170718] Marek Marczykowski-Górecki 7/18/17
Fedora 25 template for Qubes 3.2 Marek Marczykowski-Górecki 7/17/17
module-vchan-sink and alternate sample format (float32le specifically) question daltong defourne 7/17/17
Fedora Template Desktop Flavors and more. Epitre 7/17/17
Announcement: Toward a Reasonably Secure Laptop Andrew David Wong 7/15/17
'Hypervisor Introspection defeated Eternalblue a priori' Chris Laprise 7/14/17
Re: Request for feedback: 4.9 Kernel Foppe de Haan 7/13/17
Improvement to Qubes PDF Converter Micah Lee 7/13/17
Edit mailing-lists doc kwadronaut 7/11/17
Entropy in VMs kwadronaut 7/11/17
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