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PVH patches for Xen 4.8 Marek Marczykowski-Górecki 12:17 PM
(admi) API inconsistency start/shutdown, can we still fix this? Tom Zander 10:59 AM
R4.0-rc4 installation image considerations Marek Marczykowski-Górecki 10:25 AM
"Qubes Air: Generalizing the Qubes Architecture" by Joanna Rutkowska Andrew David Wong 7:35 AM
Invitation to submit ideas for Google Summer of Code (GSoC) 2018 Andrew David Wong 4:31 AM
R4-rc3 testing: VM settings attribute error Chris Laprise 1/20/18
Upgrade instructions for R3.2 and QSB37 patches Marek Marczykowski-Górecki 1/18/18
solved: gnome-terminal in disposable VMs closes prematurely Andrew Clausen 1/18/18
porting to ARM Ph.T 1/16/18
Qubes Kernel with Retpoline and IBRS patches Reg Tiangha 1/14/18
What is your development environment ? Mohit Goyal 1/14/18
Qubes Manager is coming back in Qubes 4.0-rc4! Andrew David Wong 1/12/18
QSB #37: Information leaks due to processor speculative execution bugs (XSA-254, Meltdown & Sepctre) Andrew David Wong 1/12/18
In regards to Meltdown, is there any good reason not to have upgraded to Linux kernel 4.15 yet? kap...@mail2tor 1/10/18
Announcement: Fedora 26 TemplateVM Upgrade Andrew David Wong 1/8/18
Announcement regarding the Meltdown and Spectre attacks Andrew David Wong 1/8/18
Fedora-26 KDE GUI-actions via service menus broken (fix) Haw...@bitmessage.ch 1/7/18
Qubes Controller as the new Qubes-Manager Tom Zander 1/6/18
Debugging Xen in Qubes 4 awokd 1/6/18
XSA-253 does not affect the security of Qubes OS Andrew David Wong 1/4/18
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