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XSA-235 does not affect the security of Qubes OS Andrew David Wong 8/23/17
Change error when creating an HVM Pete Howell 8/23/17
Qubes 3.2 Kernel 4.12 Epitre 8/23/17
[GSoC] Progress report: Anti Evil Maid enhancements Patrik Hagara 8/22/17
[GSoC] Qubes-MIME-Handlers Weekly Progress Report #8 Andrew Morgan 8/20/17
Is it okay to source /tmp/qubes-session-env in a systemd script? Michael Strasser 8/19/17
Re: Request for feedback: 4.9 Kernel Foppe de Haan 8/15/17
Gentoo template t3sserakt 8/15/17
Qubes Security Bulletin #32: Xen hypervisor and Linux kernel vulnerabilities (XSA-226 through XSA-230) Andrew David Wong 8/15/17
Xen 4.6.6 for Qubes 3.2 Laszlo Zrubecz 8/15/17
Changing qubes-core-admin license to LGPL v2.1+ Marek Marczykowski-Górecki 8/14/17
python API for dom0 <> AppVM communication the2nd 8/12/17
Re: [qubes-devel] feature request, copy / paste / type. is this feasible? Marek Marczykowski-Górecki 8/11/17
Building from source including Xen t3sserakt 8/11/17
feature request copy/paste/type is this feasible? pixel fairy 8/11/17
First contribution - dwm patch Raffaele Florio 8/9/17
kickstart for tricky hardware pixel fairy 8/7/17
[GSoC] Qubes-MIME-Handlers Weekly Progress Report #7 Andrew Morgan 8/6/17
Seeking moderators for unofficial Qubes IRC channels on Freenode and OFTC Andrew David Wong 8/5/17
Suggestion: touchscreen support for guests Joseph Taylor 8/5/17
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