This is a group for users of Python, interested in computer vision and/or image analysis.

There is no bias towards any particular tool or problem. As long as it's Python and about computer vision, then it fits in this group.  

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Pymorph Label function Pankaj Kumar 9/4/17
Detection of mutiple backgrounds in an image Bharath K 8/30/17
picture of picture detection Bharath K 8/24/17
imread.imsave - saving metadata in tiff file Steve Morton 8/6/17
Error while installing Mahotas Poornachandra Sandur 7/1/17
Image Processing in Python Sourjo Ganguly 6/15/17
ANN: Mahotas 1.4.3 Luis Pedro Coelho 10/6/16
From vtkMarchingCubes to Mahotas Paolo Albano 9/2/16
Mahotas Dipankar Ganguly 8/6/16
Problem by counting pixels in regions found by mh.label (regions) Eduardo Munizaga 4/10/16
ANN: scikit-image 0.12 Emmanuelle Gouillart 3/7/16
Bernsen Local Thresholding Mahotas William Grimes 2/24/16
Wheat spikelet recognition. Najma 2/15/16
Haralick features over an image Solimyr 10/4/15
ANN: Mahotas 1.4.0 Luis Pedro Coelho 7/13/15
ANN: imageio v1.3 Almar 7/3/15
How to detect cars on the image? Olexandr 6/9/15
LBP histogram dimension?? Goutham 5/22/15
ANN: mahotas 1.3.0 Luis Pedro Coelho 5/4/15
LBP Histogram Dimension Goutham 5/2/15
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