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tsa.statespace AttributeError hamhock 11/29/16
A problem about tsa.ARMA model Hello World 11/28/16
"AttributeError: Memoryview is not initialized" when loading a MLEResults object Lafras Uys 11/23/16
Request: Model selection of Generalized Estimating Equations (GEE) Robin Kramer 11/22/16
observation mining - another tool for p-hacking ? josefpktd 11/20/16
PatsyError: Error converting data to categorical Sam 11/20/16
Dates in time series Chad Fulton 11/20/16
RLM (again), with pre-whitening josefpktd 11/17/16
FAQ: How good are standard errors? josefpktd 11/17/16
Contributing an Example for GMM 2SLS Regression Vincent La 11/7/16
cov_type = 'HC0' increases z-scores Peter Quackenbush 11/5/16
Linear model search with BIC Warren Kretzschmar 10/30/16
Discrepancy of Negative Binomial coefficient tron 10/27/16
statsmodels 0.6.1 arima fit method timothy whittaker 10/25/16
nan deviance in binomial model Rachel Melamed 10/20/16
Looping through regressions Robert Garrison II 10/19/16
ARMA parameters + sigma2 covariance matrix Loris Ercole 10/10/16
Robust lowess compared with matlab's Leon Sasson 10/6/16
Bug in statsmodels.stats.proportion.binom_test? (or brain fart) Stuart Reynolds 10/5/16
unusual stats question: estimating correlation matrix with GLM ? josefpktd 10/5/16
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