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GSoC 2017 is coming, is it? josefpktd 1/19/17
GLM high memory usage Han Fang 1/19/17
L2 regularization Negative Binomial Marco De Nadai 1/13/17
TSA: usability / polish Chad Fulton 1/13/17
tsa plot_acf: is it possible to test if autocorrelations are zero on the graph? 1/12/17
Fitting non-zero mean AR(p) processes 1/11/17
replication in economics - wiki with list of articles josefpktd 1/9/17
ARMA-GARCH, overwrite loglike in SARIMAX? josefpktd 1/6/17
Semi-OT: outliers and artifacts josefpktd 1/5/17
Semi-Spam: IS family friendly josefpktd 1/5/17
dropping support for numpy recarrays - any objections? josefpktd 12/30/16
analysis of data with complex survey sampling josefpktd 12/25/16
Adding support for multipleresponse questions in contingency tables 12/24/16
educational software ? josefpktd 12/23/16
Maximum likelihood covergence warning VINAY S G 12/21/16
GMM.IV2SLS regression with logit in the first stage Charles Martineau 12/20/16
pandas FutureWarning datetools import josefpktd 12/20/16
I would like to contribute : episode 2 Jean-Baptiste FONCIN 12/20/16
Saving and restoring dataframes Yuri D'Elia 12/19/16
time series introduction josefpktd 12/17/16
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