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Post estimation with Multivatriate probit Michel Tchègoun ATCHIKPA 11:40 AM
Dropped categorical variable in ols Ryan Nelson 4/27/17
Documentation for all functions in previous versions of statsmodels Alexander Shubert 4/26/17
Are GLM models equivalent to their non-GLM models? Stuart Reynolds 4/25/17
Synthetic control and propensity score analysis: Contributions (money and time) Hans Olav Melberg 4/24/17
R versus Python: pivoting QR and singular design josefpktd 4/22/17
warning serious bug: incorrect `pearson_chi2` with binomial counts josefpktd 4/22/17
Rolling Forecast statsmodels.tsa.statespace.sarimax.SARIMA 4/21/17
OLS Regression Results display fall 蔡承翰 4/14/17
vector autoregression with custom order of lags Jack Shim 4/13/17
GSOC 2017 New student for "Add Maximum Likelihood Models for other distributions" Evgeny Zhurko 4/8/17
statsmodels.tsa.statespace as sms Dan Gordon 4/6/17
non-english plagiarism josefpktd 4/2/17
GSOC 2017 student application period josefpktd 4/2/17
using Wilcoxon can be dangerous (damage your conclusions) josefpktd 4/1/17
Panel SUR - error Andres R 3/29/17
import statsmodels.tsa.stattools as ts "ImportError: cannot import name sigtools" Ankur Bhargava 3/28/17
Error on sysreg.SUR Andres R 3/28/17
Python statsmodels.tsa.x13.x13_arima_analysis question Павел Захаров 3/28/17
Mixed Linear Model prediction Tarik Luisman 3/28/17
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