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student application period until March 27 josefpktd 3/17/18
Problems with predictions from a simple ARX model ab_epfl 3/10/18
Automatic Forecasting Chad Fulton 3/9/18
Release 0.9.0 Brian R 3/9/18
Statsmodels parameterization of SARIMAX Brian R 3/7/18
How to change Scale width on the graph plots. hello-folks 3/6/18
statsmodels.discrete.discrete_model.Poisson not finding correct parameters from simulated toy problem data Timothy Elser 3/5/18
Plot_diagnostics Ruchika Nayyar 3/5/18
Anova Type 1, 2 and 3 in Statsmodel.Anova_lm 3/4/18
idea: add ensemble method for statsmodel 李昊伟 3/3/18
GSoC 2018- bug solving and idea understanding Abhijeet Panda 3/2/18
general design policy: returning nan or raising exception in corner cases josefpktd 3/2/18
How to start contributing - GSoC Harshdeep Harshdeep 3/1/18
power computations --- reposting a question Dror Atariah 2/28/18
GSOC 2018 update josefpktd 2/25/18
Weird behaviour of the cdf() method of KDEUnivariate Vishnu V. K. 2/24/18
About regression-discontinuity design (RDD) Lian Peng 2/23/18
Add MCDA module to statsmodel Shivanjan Chakravorty 2/23/18
GSoC 18 Prep. 2/22/18
Hypothesis testing using statsmodels Dror Atariah 2/19/18
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