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OLS regression for augmented dickey fuller test Brandon Johnson 7/22/16
anomaly detection via Markov switching models - example data ? josefpktd 7/20/16
WLS (weighted least squares) error independent of weights Dan Parshall 7/18/16
fast simulation of VAR (vector autoregressive process) josefpktd 7/16/16
GARCH and related models in Python Kevin Sheppard 7/9/16
Semi-OT: data science packages poll results josefpktd 7/9/16
automatic forecasting - tools ? josefpktd 7/7/16
ANN: statsmodels release candidate 0.8.0rc1 josefpktd 7/4/16
regression in 6 packages josefpktd 7/1/16
Building a best fit model to predict 'y' values and the level of confidence in the prediction Ahmed Dassouki 6/30/16
too much R imitation josefpktd 6/30/16
0.9 josefpktd 6/24/16
candidates for Windows binaries 0.8.0rc1 josefpktd 6/22/16
github merged PR without code left ? josefpktd 6/18/16
preparing release 0.8rc1 josefpktd 6/18/16
interesting citation: 6 hours slower than C josefpktd 6/16/16
breakpoint/segmented regression Andreas Hilboll 6/13/16
new issue label: `reference` josefpktd 6/12/16
Markov switching models (non-state-space) - review requested Chad Fulton 6/8/16
How to use cov_struct.Autoregressive in GEE models VincentAB 6/8/16
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