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GSOC 2015 josefpktd 4:42 AM
GLSAR Alan G Isaac 3/3/15
time series analysis & datetimes Imran Akbar 3/2/15
Last Call for the PyData Paris 2015 CFP Stefane Fermigier 3/1/15
DateOffset Conventions - MonthBegin/MonthEnd Dave Hirschfeld 2/24/15
Job posting: looking for a combo economist and data scientist John E 2/22/15
ANN: SciPy Latin América 2015 - Call for Proposals Raniere Silva 2/20/15
How to use cov_struct.Autoregressive in GEE models VincentAB 2/20/15
Lmer Results from R Book and mixedlm burakb 2/19/15
Google Summer of Code and NumFOCUS Raniere Silva 2/19/15
Bootstrap confidence intervals kiko correoso 2/18/15
DynamicVAR, pandas.Panel ??? any users? josefpktd 2/15/15
ANN: state space, kalman filter, SARIMAX is in master josefpktd 2/14/15
0.7 PRs ? last call josefpktd 2/14/15
How well does your model fit acf and pacf? josefpktd 2/13/15
Shakespearse's monkeys josefpktd 2/10/15
How to write out patsy formulas? saroele 2/10/15
breakpoint/segmented regression Andreas Hilboll 2/9/15
new predict josefpktd 2/9/15
Ubuntu testing with failing urlopen - help josefpktd 2/7/15
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