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Outreg / Outreg2 functionality for statsmodels Benjamin Kay 5/2/16
spike at zero, biometrical journal josefpktd 5/1/16
VIF results Hector Plata 4/28/16
num_columns must be an int Keren Kapach 4/27/16
GLM-Tweedie is in master josefpktd 4/27/16
How to restrict number of cores used? Ed Mountjoy 4/27/16
merging, experimental features and new topics josefpktd 4/26/16
OT: Discrimination by algorithm josefpktd 4/26/16
matplotlib 1.5 is sloooow on TravisCI - what's wrong josefpktd 4/26/16
general linear mixed model with nested random effects Brad Buran 4/26/16
[RFC] Reviving probability plots Paul Hobson 4/25/16
specialized linear regression for very large number of cases josefpktd 4/25/16
any release coming? Yaroslav Halchenko 4/24/16
Big-Logit/Logistic josefpktd 4/23/16
Semi-OT: Big-Ridge josefpktd 4/23/16
Semi-OT: double mixed GLM - animal personality josefpktd 4/23/16
post-hoc test of contrasts after MixedLM? Brad Buran 4/22/16
patents ? josefpktd 4/22/16
design/naming: test_omitted josefpktd 4/22/16
towards second moments josefpktd 4/21/16
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