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OLS w/ Fixed effects Damien Moore 6/25/17
GSOC14: Dynamic linear panel data regression Galen 6/24/17
release 0.9 again josefpktd 6/18/17
"Too many forks" josefpktd 6/16/17
Possible bug with MNLogit from_formula when trying to return conf_int() Dylan Contris 6/16/17
semi-OT: How do developers fix cross-project correlated bugs? josefpktd 6/16/17
Handling survey weights in OLS. Tiarnán de Burca 6/15/17
Stationary-diffuse prior during initialization of statespace MLEModel 6/8/17
What type of bars are used in Regression Plots? 6/6/17
KDEUnivariate kai 6/3/17
Mixed effects linear model Zachary Monge 5/31/17
num_columns must be an int Keren Kapach 5/25/17
WARNING: a "bug-wrong" in margins josefpktd 5/24/17
Mixed Linear Model prediction Tarik Luisman 5/23/17
ANN: linearmodels 3.0 Kevin Sheppard 5/22/17
PyCon 5/19/17
Error in lilliefors test? Thomas Haslwanter 5/17/17
I don't like ANOVA tables josefpktd 5/17/17
reading and writing to excel dodji cohovi 5/16/17
Statsmodels.stats does not show up!! Andre Coklyat 5/15/17
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