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0.7, 0.8 and what's up josefpktd 6:07 AM
advertising: ARIMA modeling at the Scipy 2015 conference josefpktd 6/29/15
stata arima predict josefpktd 6/28/15
R or Python or both josefpktd 6/28/15
speed comparison for OLS bootstrap: Matlab, Stata, Python josefpktd 6/27/15
help needed: examples of ARMA/ARIMA with exog ? josefpktd 6/25/15
Statsmodels sprint at SciPy2015? Jonathan Rocher 6/24/15
SSM: Estimating a real business cycle model Chad Fulton 6/23/15
OT: Fun - Evolution of a Python josefpktd 6/23/15
MixelLMResults and residuals Yuri D'Elia 6/23/15
Semi-OT practitioner's corner: What are we weighting for? josefpktd 6/21/15
Definition: marginal effect or marginal effect josefpktd 6/20/15
Decorrelate data chrims 6/19/15
Bug: lowess with a few discrete x values returns nan josefpktd 6/19/15
Durbin Watson critical values bbmra 6/18/15
[GSoC2015] Mixed Linear Models Saket Choudhary 6/17/15
misc news (links) josefpktd 6/17/15
References: efficiency covariate adjustment randomized trial josefpktd 6/15/15
causality - exog josefpktd 6/15/15
user statistic: linear trend to 1% (Debian) josefpktd 6/15/15
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