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Bug in statsmodels.stats.proportion.binom_test? (or brain fart) Stuart Reynolds 9/28/16
ImportError: No module named 'statsmodels.tsa.regime_switching._hamilton_filter' Aleksandar Karakas 9/27/16
Statsmodels VAR(p) : Clarification on how it works paw 9/23/16
Discrepancy of Negative Binomial coefficient tron 9/20/16
scikit-learn as optional dependency - case: covariances josefpktd 9/18/16
github projects josefpktd 9/15/16
Fitting a beta distribution among 0 and 1 Emil J K 9/11/16
New functions for Exploratory Factor Analysis - Bartlett Sphericity Test and KMO test Rui Sarmento 9/11/16
ARMA model with more than one exog variable R. Trott 9/11/16
measurement errors - where are they? josefpktd 9/9/16
Memory Error for Robust Standard Errors Using GLM Charles Martineau 9/8/16
expectiles, M-quantile Regression, Asymmetric Least Squares josefpktd 8/31/16
Is there a "version attribute" in statsmodels? odell_wi 8/26/16
planning release 0.8 josefpktd 8/23/16
Warning/ENH: coint - Augmented Engle Granger cointegration test josefpktd 8/17/16
footnotes in plots ? josefpktd 8/15/16
ARMA/SARIMAX tutorial josefpktd 8/13/16
how to contrain bounds of coeff. Zhiyi Liu 8/12/16
`describe` for time series with basic checks ? josefpktd 8/12/16
issue tracker: new label for "real bugs" josefpktd 8/12/16
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