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Categorical Data vs. Numerical Data in Regression Models Daniel Hoynoski 5/25/18
Re: [pystatsmodels] test josefpktd 5/25/18
Revival: UH Screening or The Needles in the Haystack. josefpktd 5/23/18
user convenience and method proliferation josefpktd 5/23/18
Desging and naming convention: contrast(s), restriction, constraint, constraints, constrained, restricted josefpktd 5/23/18
GSoC : status, progress and targets Abhijeet Panda 5/22/18
Owner of account? Tom Augspurger 5/21/18
ambiguous spelling josefpktd 5/21/18
ANN: statsmodels 0.9.0 released josefpktd 5/18/18
SARIMAX - Warning messages and model suitability 5/16/18
about Time Series analysis Palmer Ristevski 5/15/18
Manually set model parameters in SARIMAX for prediction Sarem Seitz 5/13/18
statsmodels : 0.09, when??? Palmer Ristevski 5/7/18
roadmap 0.10 and minimum versions josefpktd 5/7/18
Semi-OT: Python with SAS(py) and R(py2) josefpktd 5/4/18
more "ideas": restriction selection not feature selection josefpktd 5/2/18
advertising: Faraway: Linear Models with R translated to Python josefpktd 5/2/18
ANN: statsmodels 0.9rc1 is out josefpktd 4/29/18
Bug or feature in SARIMAX - invertibility/stationarity? Anssi Käki 4/29/18
release 0.9 and test problems josefpktd 4/28/18
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