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Guide to install pyqtgraph with pyqt5 4/28/17
detect mouse button release event Daniel Bushey 4/26/17
add extra default colormap to image histogram - pg.HistogramLUTItem() RC 4/25/17
IsoCurveItem is slow for large images 4/21/17
Pass Data to a Console within PyQt application 4/20/17
Modifying Context Menu RC 4/20/17
Multiple x or y axes with the same axisitem alignment RC 4/18/17
Flicker when using QGraphicsView and QGLWidget Zach Lowry 4/6/17
Plotting wind barbs Wilfred Janssen 4/5/17
Overlaying an image on the plot. Aleksey Nogin 4/1/17
PyQT5 compatibility issue: saving data from pyqtgraph.widgets.TableWidget Thomas Schultz 3/31/17
Updating list in Parameter Tree Omar 3/30/17
Crash when using pyqtgraph in Jupyter Notebook (Python 3.5, Windows) Matthias Minderer 3/29/17
How to contribute? Thomas Hauck 3/29/17
ScatterPlotItem sigClicked rounding errors Jona Joachim 3/26/17
Labels to plotting Nathesh 3/22/17
Line point connection mode waszil 3/20/17
OpenGL Version issue Mathieu Bisquay 3/20/17
How to add custom AxisItem to existing PlotWidget? Konstantin Akmarov 3/20/17
Improving Performance of pyqtgraph real-time plotting Paul Gross 3/19/17
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