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itemsAt: how to get ID of a single face from the GLMeshItem item? 10/21/16
request for code change in Peter Spuhler 10/19/16
PlotWidget not displaying axes, labels or data after move to 64-bit. Any ideas? Tom Bailey 10/19/16
histogramLUTitem not handling NaN values Peter Spuhler 10/17/16
pg.ImageView.export ? Leif Adelow 10/17/16
repaint of plot in descendant plotwidget Robert Clement 10/16/16
customizing gridlines: custom pens, major/minor lines, X/Y controls nvdw 10/14/16
How to change background color of legend? Mitul Vekariya 10/11/16
PyQtGraph Isosurface and numpy 1.9.3 vs numpy 1.10.1 Ryan Martin 10/7/16
Axis label and units prefixes Leonid Rumatov 10/7/16
How to clear a ScatterPlotItem MudloggerMike 10/5/16
change ImageView to RemoteGraphicsView 10/5/16
PyQtGraph exe update request and git installation issues 10/4/16
Raspberry Pi- x axis date and time shows 01/01/1970 01:00:00 instead of current time Ajay Rathore 10/4/16
Gridlines showing for two axes instead of one MudloggerMike 9/29/16
Third 'Y' axis not appearing when embedded in PyQt4 GraphicsView MudloggerMike 9/29/16
Export diferent plots, without change the visual plot. Carlos Ferras 9/29/16
py3.4 - ColorMap method getGradient raises exception [solved] Charles Parker 9/28/16
Define min and max grid space Carlos Ferras 9/28/16
Exports not consistent with API Akshay Verma 9/28/16
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