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ImportError: dlopen(/usr/local/lib/python3.6/site-packages/PyQt5/, 2): Symbol not found: __cg_png_create_info_struct Manfred Sever 12:22 PM
Crash when using pyqtgraph in Jupyter Notebook (Python 3.5, Windows) Matthias Minderer 6:56 AM
Importing a pyqtgraph module to a PyQt5 project 8/22/17
Real time plotting of average hue taken from webcam siemovit 8/22/17
Optimal approach for real-time plotting on embedded device James Ross-Smith 8/21/17
Disable the keyboard interaction for an ImageView Widget Mr. D 8/20/17
Getting the ScatterPlotItem underneath the mouse cursor Dennis Lee 8/20/17
Embedding plot in graphicsView in PyQt5 8/19/17
Adding an image from an ImageWindow item? Arun Shriram 8/17/17
Tkinter and pyqtgraph Allan 8/17/17
Signals, Slots, and Events Evgenii Kalenkovich 8/14/17
How can I force viewboxes to share the same width. 8/11/17
Labels for scatter plot items Dennis Lee 8/11/17
Use pqtgraph to display sonogram data 8/9/17
How can I plotting in command-line mode (like ipython) 민성원 8/8/17
Adding alpha to ImageItem causes image to not display Alexander Tomlinson 8/4/17
Mouse wheel event handler Alex Bratt 8/1/17
Website is having DNS issues I don't think so 8/1/17
3D graphics demos not showing correctly on OS X Jarda Vítků 7/30/17
Change single tick color + possible PlotDataItem bug? Christopher Mullins 7/29/17
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