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3D Scatter Plot Aaron Hoover 9/23/16
Font of legend and axes label are not equal 9/23/16
Contour plot Akshay Verma 9/22/16
setImage memoryLeak 9/20/16
create polar Grid Rajab Legnain 9/20/16
What about PyQt5? Leonid Rumatov 9/19/16
GLViewWidget: autofit camera Vasco Gervasi 9/17/16
pygtgraph Export bug -- shifts data upon export whether via GUI Export command or via API Ryan Pearman 9/15/16
PlotWidget not displaying axes, labels or data after move to 64-bit. Any ideas? Tom Bailey 9/15/16
Angle of ticks adamczi 9/14/16
Export Plots from Widget not created in the GUI! Akshay Verma 9/13/16
How to get 2 or more LinearRegionItem to overlap each other gone 9/10/16
itemsAt: how to get ID of a single face from the GLMeshItem item? 9/7/16
windows installation German Salazar 9/5/16
object too small German Salazar 9/3/16
RemoteGraphicsView on OSX (Yosemite) Ryan Hope 9/2/16
Updating GraphicsWindow in QApplication MDI Jon Lederman 8/30/16
Overlay plot items within ImageView Nick Gravish 8/30/16
Control when to update graph with multiple lines Scott Robertson 8/30/16
Cheap way to color lots of segments of a PlotDataItem? Preston Hinkle 8/30/16
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