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GeoPhisics data Julia Rakitina 11/28/15
Candlestick chart Denis Ipatov 11/28/15
ImageItem and HistogramLUTItem - possible bug Dane Austin 11/25/15
PyQtGraph Isosurface and numpy 1.9.3 vs numpy 1.10.1 Ryan Martin 11/25/15
temperature dial class goku 11/17/15
Bug Report on clearing legend items Ecem sogancıoglu 11/8/15
Best way to quit from QtGui with an exit button 11/6/15
Realtime Video with Plot Overlay radix 11/5/15
Discontinuous line plot? Paul, Hsieh-Fu Tsai 11/2/15
Displaying balloon with point info Juan Manuel Vázquez Tovar 10/28/15
Need held for crosshair in pyqtgraph called from a Qtgui Paul, Hsieh-Fu Tsai 10/28/15
Memory Leakage using PySide Nils Gran 10/26/15
How to plot histogram for a RGB image ? 10/25/15
tight layout of dockarea Hanan Shteingart 10/23/15
fill only positive values in Anthony Torlucci 10/23/15
linking color levels between two ImageViews Aaron Andalman 10/17/15
Displaying large images can be very slow Craig Mackay 10/15/15
No curve with Python 3 and segfault with Python 2 scls 10/14/15
ImageView with 4 rois and 4 roiplots Bobby Henley 10/13/15
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