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How do I change Number of axis-ticks? 4/24/18
bargraph ? Stef Mientki 4/23/18
Background image in GLViewWidget Zach Lowry 4/16/18
Problems exporting graphs from GUI Alejandro Condori 4/16/18
Bug report (affineSlice) Martin Craig 4/16/18
Is there anyway to enlarge viewbox with dragging mouse cursor? + image breaking during enlargement. 손손원준 4/15/18
How to pass QBrush object list to remote process ? Sachin Singh 4/14/18
A single python class to create plots 4/9/18
error when clicking on points... Jeremy Webster 3/29/18
ROI maxBounds question 3/28/18
Non-integer indices in Python 2.7 numpy broken. Fx., broken "Image Export". Josh Kaggie 3/28/18
the value of the x-axis is cuted off by widget's frame anon 3/28/18
No sigStateChanging emitted for boolean parameter Jacob Thalman 3/22/18
Synchronizing ROI in two Views Hauke Brunken 3/22/18
ROI wont update its handle coordinates when dragging Friedrich 3/22/18
Adding returnMappedCords does not return the expected coordinates jean Bilheux 3/22/18
New user trying to understand DockArea, save/restore state... Jim Crowell 3/20/18
rotate ScatterplotItems as spots Friedrich 3/20/18
linearregionitems in log plots are returning unexpected values Jeremy Webster 3/9/18
making a simple full screen image JPerez 3/8/18
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