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Question about colormaps wot 6/21/17
Clicking on plot - possible inconsistent behavior wot 6/20/17
Is there more design documentation? 6/16/17
Is there something about pyqtgraph that prevents python scripts using to be called by other programs? Brandon 6/15/17
Context Menu - Multiple Plots - Plot options only present in first viewbox RC 6/12/17
Change visibility of curves interactively Karl Pfeiler 6/11/17
how to animate orbit and isosurface of GLViewWidget Robert Clement 6/9/17
Multithreading with updating plot Quinty van Dijk 6/7/17
Rendering Stereoscopic 3D Models using PyQtGraph Edmon Silva 6/5/17
Lefthand v righthand? ron 5/31/17
setDownsampling & PlotCurveItem 5/31/17
Emulating PyQt's QDockWidget look and feel Aerylle Lain 5/30/17
Scale particular section of the graph raval ishit 5/26/17
Raster Plot Peter Malonis 5/25/17
Is antialiasing for 2D plots with OpenGL not supported? Alexander Huszagh 5/17/17
add extra default colormap to image histogram - pg.HistogramLUTItem() RC 5/17/17
Problem with closing more than one dock widget programmatically Marcos Duarte 5/16/17
Scrolling graph within QWidget James Ross-Smith 5/12/17
PyQtGraph, OpenGL and ScrollArea 5/12/17
Kernel Dies unexpectedly shubham sharma 5/5/17
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