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How to not redraw a plot to avoid maxing out cpu usage Jason Mar 6/24/16
Can you avoid plotting in parts of your plot? david_the_plotter 6/22/16
Is it possible to zoom the plot in real time ? actis oh 6/20/16
How use exportDialog from PyQt button press ? Антон Ширяев 6/19/16
Isocurve example from pyqtgraph.examples works on Windows but not Linux! david_the_plotter 6/16/16
Hanging xaxis whe trying to supply custom AxisItem to PlotWidget in PyQt4 Kenneth Nielsen 6/16/16
PolyLineROI bug in examples/ Chuck 6/14/16
MatplotlibWidget and submitting pull requests Mike 6/9/16
parameterTree Spinbox bug? Federico Barabas 6/9/16
get viewbox size varun kompella 6/6/16
Strange bug with pyqtSignal(QStandardItem) 6/6/16
Link button to a function Simone Olivetti 6/4/16
Re: [pyqtgraph] how to add text or label in Pyqtgraph 3D Luke Campagnola 6/2/16
ImageItem and HistogramLUTItem - possible bug Dane Austin 6/1/16
ImageView inside RemoteGraphicsView? 6/1/16
Text in 3d plot ron 5/29/16
pg.exporters output files display data cramped into upper left corner Fizik Jadershik 5/28/16
Group-type Parameter doesn't hide (BUG) Adriel Jr. 5/27/16
Parameter class Issue - Can't remove and add a child parameter back to the same place Adriel Jr. 5/27/16
How do I change the ParameterTree font size? Federico Barabas 5/25/16
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