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KeyError(s) while testing with Python 3.4 and PySide on Windows David Epstein 8:17 AM
Embedding a pyqtchart into the Graphics View in qt designer Su-Shin Ang 10/22/17
Problems exporting graphs from GUI Alejandro Condori 10/22/17
AutoRange failed when adding a TextItem hmj 10/19/17
How can I make it show TextItems over QPainter objects? zero zero 10/18/17
Changing background color of existing plot 10/18/17
overlay image over image dkon 10/17/17
Multiple GLViewWidgets in one window rosenrot 10/16/17
Disable mouse wheel scroll on QscrollArea Nedo Bianchi 10/14/17
pyqtgraph dashboard? Zy Mao 10/13/17
Exporting plotwidget to image Varun Raj Kompella 10/11/17
OpenGL ES support for hardware-accelerated plotting James Ross-Smith 10/7/17
ImageItem is extremely slow when dragging. Can we somehow cope with it? Buraddin 9/30/17
Exporting fail 9/30/17
How to replace ticks with explicite multiples of pi Blafardman Breton 9/23/17
"Remote plot" within PyQt4 application bundle with cx_freeze/Pyinstaller Liu Siyan 9/21/17
How to make a Bezier curve to connect GraphItem objects instead of straight line connections Shrabya Timsina 9/19/17
trying to get data co-ordinate from mouseclick in PyqtGraph Pramod Butte 9/15/17
Segmentation fault when importing pyqtgraph on Python 3.52 (Linux Mint) Armen Levonian 9/14/17
Add tooltips to parameter tree? Jim Edwards 9/13/17
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