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Legend on GraphItem Raphaël Deau 3/27/15
Create two graphs attached with x axis and share x axis Upol Ryskulova 3/27/15
Orthonormed axis Raphaël Deau 3/26/15
Matplotlib Window export Justin 3/25/15
Another question about multiple axis plot in pyqtgraph Barbara Matyjasiak 3/25/15
Expanded field not copy when saveState Eelco van Vliet 3/21/15
dockWidgets behaiviour like tiling windows manager Thomas Wagner 3/20/15
Misaligned points and lines when saving a plot? Charles Mooney 3/17/15
MemoryError when creating an ImageItem Gonzalo Bonigo 3/17/15
Undocking all docs from a dock area. Matias Christensen 3/16/15
Print PlotCurveItem name on mouse hover Miha 3/15/15
Modifying dock label css Matjaz 3/15/15
Dock feature proposals Daniel Lidstrom 3/15/15
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