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a first Qt5-able release Big Stone 5/21/15
getArrayRegion axes argument L. Smash 5/21/15
arbitrary shaped ROIs 5/20/15
custom shader Miha 5/20/15
How to set ImageItem colormaps in code Alex A 5/19/15
Unable to manually set axis after enabling then disabling autorange Andrew Davis 5/19/15
some widgets Thomas Wagner 5/19/15
Error in line 78 in Oscar Alegria 5/18/15
ROI binary mask L. Smash 5/18/15
Example of a single coordinate Widget that displays a Dictionary in graphical form? Ivan Figueredo 5/15/15
How to change the graph information in real time? Oscar Alegria 5/14/15
Adding shadow effect to a numpy array plotted with ImageItem giumas 5/13/15
Send PyQtGraph to SciPy Chris Calloway 5/12/15
blurry pixels john lunzer 5/8/15
scale axes-ticks in imageView Karl Bedrich 5/7/15
Error exporting image with PySide backend giumas 5/6/15
py2exe simpler beyond 0.9.8? Todd Batzler 5/6/15
Issue with EllipseROI Julien Lhermitte 5/5/15
Very Simple timeseries plot error Ivan Figueredo 5/4/15
Geographic coordinates Raúl Valenzuela 5/3/15
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