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Cheap way to color lots of segments of a PlotDataItem? Preston Hinkle 11:14 AM
What about PyQt5? Leonid Rumatov 8/22/16
Memory release when a Plot is closed 8/21/16
Efficient way to do histogram Diogo Valada 8/20/16
GLMeshItem, setting up light source and shading M 8/20/16
FillBetweenItem similar class? 8/19/16
Exporting full window made up of multiple plot Ian001 8/19/16
Need clarification between GraphicsLayoutWidgetwidget.addplot and addwidget 8/18/16
Strange behaviour of grid and AxisItems in pg.GraphicsLayoutWidget 8/18/16
creating 3D image from 3D array Georges Hb 8/16/16
change label of ParameterItem to something besides the name? Tim Williams 8/16/16
Trouble exporting from plot as csv Kevin Brockman 8/16/16
A small typo in pyqtgraph source code pyguyjohny 8/16/16
Re: [pyqtgraph] PyQtgraph: Plotting 3rd Octave data Francisco S-Climent 8/16/16
Adding multiple plots with data from QListWidget Arthur Pijpaert 8/15/16
promote PyQt5 QDockWidget to pyqtgraph.dockarea.Dock Tim Williams 8/9/16
Adding lines to 3d image display Jacob Ricci 8/8/16
AttributeError when creating pyqtgraph plots inside the main function 8/5/16
Cross Line among multiple plotitems? 8/5/16
Mouse event is not working for "pyqtgraph.graphicsItems.TextItem" and "pyqtgraph.graphicsItems.ArrowItem" Rakesh Mishra 8/5/16
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