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The future of pyqtgraph john lunzer 2/27/15
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Context plot options do not maintain stepMode Nicholas Earl 2/27/15
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QT5 branch development and merge ? Gustav Trede 2/24/15
PyQtGraph examples under python(x,y) pb 2/23/15
Grid/ticks questions Simon 2/20/15
One legend for multiple plots Nicolas 2/19/15
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Undocking all docs from a dock area. Matias Christensen 2/17/15
GLViewWidget in a GraphicsLayoutWidget Ben Irv 2/17/15
keyboard interrupt Poul Riis 2/16/15
getArrayRegion returns incorrect data Nicholas Earl 2/16/15
Changing capture resolution in cv2 Max R 2/13/15
inline plot in ipython Gio Piantoni 2/13/15
ImageView from png Luke M 2/11/15
How plot 2 lists in PlotWIdget within flowchat after a CtrlNode? João Felipe Alves da Cruz 2/10/15
How create a New PlotWidget Node in the flowchart that I can plot multiple Y axis using different colors for each plot? João Felipe Alves da Cruz 2/9/15
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