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Option --executable for entry_points 1/18/17
Application Packaging Training 1/10/17
pip enhancement question (and hello) Jason Stelzer 11/8/16
Merging easy requests anatoly techtonik 11/3/16
Accessing pip from inside a python program Arthur Goldberg 10/19/16
Requesting help to retrieve package name / suggestion to put in place a general process. timothy crosley 9/8/16
Modifications to Branching & Merging Strategy? Donald Stufft 8/15/16
virtualenv #904: Fix for users of fish shell Ian Boarder 7/7/16
feature proposal: make pip use relative path to the interpreter in executables Александр Алексиянц 5/19/16
Pull requests on pypa/python-packaging-user-guide Berker Peksag 4/15/16
Feature proposal: Pip dry-run Nitzan Raz 3/30/16
Fwd: New classifiers Pekka Klärck 3/22/16
Supporting Ian Lee 2/25/16
Feature request / suggestions sought as to approach: selectively using sdist rather than bdist_wheel Jan Grant 2/10/16
Moving manylinux machinery into PyPA? Nathaniel Smith 1/31/16
feature request: pip.require(module_name) Blaize Rhodes 1/25/16
python-pip installation error Anil K 1/14/16
pip test are failing due to expired certificate anatoly techtonik 12/27/15
Bitness of wheel package naming Fantix King 12/22/15
Packaging Guide - Appveyor - Remove discussion of Python 2.6? p.f.moore 12/3/15
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