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Alternative(?) approach for sharing modules between applications Günther Jena 7/31/15
Upgrade messages less verbose Sébastien Douche 7/15/15
Travis CI malfunctioning? 7/14/15
Require 100% Coverage on Patches Donald Stufft 6/30/15
[ Thoughts ] setuptools+pip+wheel is inadequate for fullscale deployment of python applications titon barua 6/21/15
Writing a pip-standard-compliant package server? Alec Taylor 6/19/15
OS X ABI tag for Python 3.5 Min RK 6/18/15
pip-update script Jacob Yates 6/17/15
New to Pip community, trying to add --architecture option to 'pip wheel' 6/16/15
Platform to track packages that needs porting to python3 Abhilash Raj 6/2/15
Adding the option to download GPG signatures Travis McPeak 5/22/15
Being Friendlier to our Dependencies Donald Stufft 5/13/15
Improving pip onboarding anatoly techtonik 5/12/15
add install_paths.json to .egg-info and .dist-info directory Daniel Holth 5/12/15
marker support status? Robert Collins 5/11/15
pip's assert_installed Marcus Smith 5/9/15
logging levels Robert Collins 5/9/15
pip 7.0 Donald Stufft 5/9/15
backtracking and logging output 5/4/15
wxPhoenix upgrade fail 4/28/15
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