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Welcome Sahil Shekhawat, our GSoC intern! moorepants 5/25/15
0.3.0 release is ~50% done, but more help is needed! moorepants 5/24/15
Interaction Session with Sahil TARUN GABA 5/8/15
GitHub + ipynb Christopher Dembia 5/7/15
PyDy 0.3.0 release milestone moorepants 5/5/15
GSoC 2015 application Darshan Chaudhary 4/12/15
[Ignore if busy] : Some light humor for a weekend TARUN GABA 4/12/15
GSoC 2015 Applicant Renato Orsino 3/27/15
GSoC 2015 Applicant André Garnier Coutinho 3/27/15
Less than 3 days to get your GSoC application in for PyDy moorepants 3/26/15
GSoC 2015: PyDy Viz Improvements (Interactive Generation of a System) Sahil Shekhawat 3/26/15
PyDy GSoC 2015 Application hoodedice 3/26/15
GSoC 2015 proposal, please review: Implement O(N) method for numerical ODE evaluation Max Mertens 3/26/15
GSoC 2014 Project: GUI based plugin for creating dynamics systems interactively TARUN GABA 3/25/15
GSoC 2015 Applicant Jinank Jain 3/25/15
GSoC 2015 application Dingjiang Zhou 3/24/15
GSoC 2015 (@moorepants): Literature and papers about "Implement O(N) Method" in PyDy/SymPy Max Mertens 3/20/15
Urgent: GSoC Mentor Tasks. You have something to do by this weekend! moorepants 3/18/15
Important: Mentor GSoC Instructions moorepants 3/17/15
SciPy Tutorial Due Monday March 16th, I need bios for Jim and Tarun moorepants 3/15/15
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