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Regarding participation of PyDy in GSOC 2017 Shreyas Kulkarni 1/23/17
Add acceleration to a simple pendulum Raphael Timbó 8/31/16
Using SymEngine in SymPy Isuru Fernando 4/28/16
Getting involved with System, code generation, etc. Benjamin Margolis 4/5/16
Willing to contribute to PyDy. Abhishek Garg 3/30/16
GSOC 2016 PyDy Simulation GUI Improvements mvnnn 3/24/16
GSoC Deadline is Tomorrow moorepants 3/24/16
GSoC 2016 Satyesh Mundra 3/3/16
GSoC 2016: We need volunteer mentors moorepants 2/18/16
2d Pendulum Lorenz L. 2/17/16
generate_ode_function Anita Le Mair 2/17/16
Fwd: Your favorite open source projects need your help! moorepants 12/31/15
Regarding contribution to pydy Tanu Hari Dixit 12/30/15
PyDy 0.3.1 release moorepants 12/29/15
Computer Science Capstone Projects at UCD moorepants 12/1/15
KanesMethod choice Kamel Ibn Aziz Derouiche 10/14/15
dynamic symbols ? Kamel Ibn Aziz Derouiche 10/13/15
Re: Mechanical pendulum, inertia and robot movements: a modeling mechanics with sympy moorepants 10/11/15
Reply to Shabham, moved from other thread. moorepants 8/30/15
End of GSoC and future developments Sahil Shekhawat 8/30/15
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