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Check out the on the github repo listed above and come on out!

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PyClass Mailing List Moving to Mailman Trent Robbins 11/3/15
Image from class / virtualenv Trent Robbins 11/2/15
(GIST) from Oct 26 : Get json-encoded data in and out of a file Tony Rivera 11/2/15
Monday: JSON Review & you-call-it Trent Robbins 11/2/15
OnePlus 2 Invite Code EkEkEk 10/28/15
JSON Tonight!! Trent Robbins 10/26/15
Class Lab Session Today Trent Robbins 10/5/15
String Compression Project Trent Robbins 9/28/15
PyClass - pillow (Python Image Library / PIL fork) - Monday 9/21/15 Trent Robbins 9/21/15
Monday Class - Gearbox Object Model Trent Robbins 9/14/15
PyClass Last Session 08.27.15 Trent Robbins 9/3/15
Any SFSU Students out there? Trent Robbins 8/25/15
Thanks for the add! Anthony Sanchez 8/24/15
PyClass week of 8/24/15 Teddy 8/22/15
PyClass week of 8/17/15 Teddy 8/16/15
Updates to project repo and class time Teddy 8/14/15
Flask Login Demo App Trent Robbins 8/10/15
Info for Thursday Class 8/6/15 Teddy 8/5/15
The scope of index variables in Python's for loops - Eli Bendersky's website Trent Robbins 8/4/15
PyClass week of 8/3/15 Teddy 8/2/15
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