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Custom fact for linux service Dennis Labkovich 2/21/18
mirroring puppet forge Vince Skahan 2/21/18
Puppet Enterprise 2017.3.5 is now available! Britt Gresham 2/21/18
Puppet Agent Hang when PuppetServer Crashes... Matt Wise 2/20/18
puppet 5 upgrade seems to have caused multiple 500 error on server with file resources (to Windows clients) jmp242 2/20/18
puppet-lint & Syntax Albert Shih 2/20/18
puppet5-nightly repos coming soon to nightlies.puppet.com! Molly Waggett 2/20/18
unit tests failing on augeas resources in defined type Bill Sirinek 2/20/18
Announce: Puppet Platform 5.4.0 is now available Molly Waggett 2/20/18
Puppet 5 tests of forked module gives errors jmp242 2/20/18
pdk 1.3.2 testing problems Bill Sirinek 2/19/18
Rspec-puppet: left match operand must result in a string Anthony Scudese 2/19/18
SSL Errors - SSL_connect returned=1 errno=0 state=SSLv3 read server certificate B Romeo Theriault 2/16/18
'require' option is ignored? buoyant_puppy 2/16/18
containment questions Peter Bauer 2/16/18
How manage tag (exported ressources) Albert Shih 2/16/18
Puppet 5 Stdlib IP address parsing John Baird 2/15/18
Need help with puppetdb query from manifest using puppetdb_query (PQL) John Bishop 2/15/18
How to get ip via exported resources? Denis Müller 2/15/18
does puppetdb 4.x handle brief postgresql backend outage MarkB 2/14/18
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