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How to get Simplecov to report coverage correctly for puppet manifests Darragh Bailey 1:21 AM
Problems installing PuppetDB from source - the instructions don't actually work Simon Tideswell 6/15/18
Puppet repository accessable on IPv6 Bart-Jan Vrielink 6/15/18
Puppet agent 1.10.14, 5.3.8, and 5.5.3 are now available Garrett Guillotte 6/15/18
Announcement: Release of Bolt 0.20.7 Kate Lopresti 6/14/18
[ANNOUNCE] Puppet Enterprise 2016.4.13, 2017.3.8 and 2018.1.2 are available Rob Braden 6/13/18
class parameters that depend on other parameters Tim.Mooney 6/13/18
Hiera: Using multiple facts in one path Dirk Heinrichs 6/12/18
[ANNOUNCE] PE and Puppet Agent releases pulled Rob Braden 6/12/18
exec resource stuck during the install of an Oracle Client on Windows Lofic 6/12/18
is it possible to inherit parameters in hieradata Priyo Phan 6/11/18
Introducing new Cisco IOS module for agentless device management Ben Ford 6/11/18
Duplicate declaration error Clemens Bergmann 6/11/18
Puppet agent 1.10.13 and Puppet Platform 5.3.7 and 5.5.2 are now available Garrett Guillotte 6/8/18
Announcement: Release of Bolt 0.20.6 Kate Lopresti 6/8/18
Announce: PE 2016.4.12, 2017.3.7, and 2018.1.1 are now available Sara Meisburger 6/7/18
Style (syntax?) question Salty Old Cowdawg 6/6/18
puppet module repository w/ self signed ssl? Sean 6/6/18
How to have init.pp in a module run some function whenever any class in the module is called. Dan Mahoney 6/5/18
file resource issue? Jason McMahan 6/4/18
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