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The FOSDEM Call for Proposals for the Configuration Management devroom on February 4th, 2018 is open! Walter Heck 2:00 PM
Is ensure_resource() evil? Atom Powers 6:52 AM
After mcollective update agent does not work anymore Andreas Dvorak 5:17 AM
Clean Puppet 3 to Puppet 4 migration Salty Old Cowdawg 10/18/17
SSL_read:: shutdown while in init error Maxim Nikolaev 10/18/17
PuppetServer 2.8 resource Leak Poil 10/18/17
Creating a PowerShell based fact to get Drive Letters and Labels Ryan Murphy 10/18/17
Autofs suggestions Jason McMahan 10/18/17
Moving a node from an environment to new one causes error Subhi Andrews 10/18/17
Terraform module available to deploy Puppet to a Nomad cluster. Bill Ward 10/18/17
Puppet unable to retrieve facts srikan...@gmail.com 10/17/17
One master per environment, or one to rule them all? antgel 10/17/17
Puppet Enterprise 2017.3.1 is now available Morgan Rhodes 10/17/17
I accidentally removed the puppet server Lucas Z. 10/17/17
get physical disk for lvm usage? Jason McMahan 10/17/17
Trying to update expired rbac token on version 2016.5.1 receiving error am1...@bristol.ac.uk 10/12/17
Forge repository timeout Raphaël Hoareau 10/12/17
Hiera and r10k, roles and responsibilities antgel 10/11/17
Announce: Bolt 0.5.1 Eric Sorenson 10/11/17
Announce: PDK 1.2 is now available Lindsey Smith 10/11/17
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