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Two Facter files seem to conflict aar...@gmail.com 10/22/16
Metaparams break rake tests - how to avoid it ? Jakov Sosic 10/22/16
GDM configurations with a puppet module Warron French 10/21/16
Puppet agent not able to connect to puppet server after rebooting puppet server rakshath...@yahoo.in 10/21/16
Managing multiline xml attributes with augeas Francois Herbert 10/21/16
Issue with module from forge - Duplicate declaration Class[Rsyslog] re-g...@wiu.edu 10/21/16
Announce: Puppet Agent 1.7.1 is available (with a critical security fix) Geoff Nichols 10/20/16
Announce: Puppet Enterprise 2016.4.0 is available Morgan Rhodes 10/20/16
Providing SELECT rights to a PG DB Werner van der Merwe 10/20/16
Using a module that is not 100% hiera-compliant Ugo Bellavance 10/20/16
puppet resource package? Jason McMahan 10/19/16
puppet open source reports and inventory to Satellite 6? Ryan Anderson 10/18/16
Default profile or role Ugo Bellavance 10/18/16
Role vs hiera Ugo Bellavance 10/18/16
Puppet master log Ugo Bellavance 10/18/16
Puppet 4 under Ubuntu 16.04 Ilia Ternovich 10/18/16
Warning: Unable to fetch my node definition, but the agent run will continue: Shawn Parker 10/18/16
facter compatibility and nest facts info rakar...@gmail.com 10/17/16
Very frequent "Error: Could not request certificate: The certificate retrieved from the master does not match the agent's private key." on Windows Fredrik Nilsson 10/17/16
Puppet Agent doesn't receive Catalog, Node.rb on Master shows correct YAML-output (Foreman) Matt 10/16/16
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