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Best Practice - replacing /etc/passwd and +@netgroups Betsy Schwartz 7:57 PM
What else in stead of using "import" keyword? Sans 3:20 PM
puppet modules export? Tibor Malomsoki 2:41 PM
Checking a variable is not 'undef' Chris Cowley 1:58 PM
Failed to find [host] via exec Taylor Leese 8:47 AM
Error to install java7 Joni Silaban 7/12/14
Puppet copy not working Nishantu Kumar 7/12/14
duplicated resource with an exported resource Jose Luis Ledesma 7/12/14
Dealing with Packages on Windows that contain special characters Ken Sykora 7/11/14
Custom Types and Providers Michael Legleux 7/11/14
Unit testing reference modules and best practices Ben Sullivan 7/11/14
Puppet uses catalog of node B for node A Helmut Rickel 7/11/14
Puppet-Dashboard All Nodes "Unresponsive", Background Tasks Ximena Cardinali 7/11/14
Duplicate declaration with nested create_resources Joao Morais 7/11/14
Error_Install_Java7 Joni Silaban 7/11/14
New module - Prefetch provider with @resource params... Gavin Williams 7/10/14
How to unzip archive to a master's location Malintha Adikari 7/10/14
Puppetlabs Firewall Danny Roberts 7/10/14
puppetlabs-apache prefork vs. worker Salty Old Cowdawg 7/10/14
Editing fstab with Augeas Kim Scarborough 7/10/14
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