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Multiple Upgrades required for PuppetDB 2.3.x -> 4.4.1 and 5.x requirement? Dietrich, Stefan 12/6/17
How install/upgrade puppet with puppet Albert Shih 12/6/17
puppet lookup could not find directory environment dkoleary 12/5/17
Puppet open-source EOLs Ugo Bellavance 12/5/17
Configuring Cisco Network devices Harkanwal 12/5/17
loadjson reads from the master buoyant_puppy 12/5/17
force dist-upgrade once on each puppet run and update on each package to be installed? Kristian Rink 12/5/17
How can this become smarter (shorter) ? matt...@gmail.com 12/2/17
Does anyone write puppet code for expdp and impdp for oracle sdavre 12/1/17
EOL Puppet Agent Platform Notice: Fedora 25 Scott Garman 11/29/17
hiera can't find facts to read hierarchy files? Sean 11/29/17
SMBFS Share in Finder Sidebar? mta...@lygos.com 11/28/17
templates and virtual resources query Jason Ball 11/24/17
Duplicate declaration error - what's the correct approach to avoid this? buoyant_puppy 11/24/17
IF Distro Check: Ubuntu 16 or 17 matt...@gmail.com 11/23/17
certificates being 'randomly' revoked Steve Wray 11/22/17
Hiera merge issue Constantin B 11/22/17
Is there the puppet-agent package for ARM64? Aécio Pires 11/22/17
puppet client certificates being revoked without human intervention Dustin Cannon 11/21/17
One node in various groups? guil...@gmail.com 11/21/17
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