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Lets revive Pune RUG pastafari 10/9/14
Docker Workshop [Paid] techmaniack 4/8/17
[XPOST][Job][Commercial] Freelance/Fulltime Ruby+MongoDb development at Jombay Nikhil Lanjewar 3/5/17
Deccan Ruby Conf is back! Prathamesh Sonpatki 2/16/17
February Ruby meetup Prathamesh Sonpatki 1/30/17
[X-POST][EVENT] RubyConf India 2017 Talks Harisankar P S 12/25/16
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[ANN][OT] Announcing IN/Clojure 2016 pastafari 10/23/16
Expert Talks 2016 Anil Wadghule 10/21/16
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October meetup Prathamesh Sonpatki 9/27/16
September meetup Prathamesh Sonpatki 8/29/16
Help students attend RubyConfIndia 2017 Prathamesh Sonpatki 8/9/16
RubyConf India 2017 CFP open! Prathamesh Sonpatki 8/9/16
[Webinar] Easy Performance Wind for Your Rails App Nilanjana Dey 8/3/16
DeccanRubyConf 2016 Update Prathamesh Sonpatki 7/6/16
July Ruby meetup Prathamesh Sonpatki 7/1/16
[Webinar] Scientific Computation and Data Visualization with Ruby Nilanjana Dey 6/22/16
Deccan Ruby Conf 2016 - Keynote speaker announced and CFP closes soon! Prathamesh Sonpatki 5/29/16
May meetup Prathamesh Sonpatki 4/28/16
[XPOST][CONF] Deccan Ruby Conf 2016 Update Prathamesh Sonpatki 4/15/16
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