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Voldemort Open Source release 1.6.0 out Siddharth Singh 4/2/14
possible bug in readonly store not all file closed? Xiao Zhou 7/10/14
minimize down time when change store config Xiao Zhou 7/10/14
Get all keys from a store Dário Nascimento 7/7/14
error to connect to voldemort Morteza Alipour 7/5/14
Query in Value Morteza Alipour 7/5/14
protocol proposal response Mat Evans 7/3/14
more than one nodes on same server Xiao Zhou 7/2/14
any way to stop fetch without killing the voldemort process? Xiao Zhou 7/2/14
bootstrpUrl Xiao Zhou 6/26/14
metadata store not available for bootstrapping client Mat Evans 6/26/14
Is this feasible to upgrade vdm from 0.95 to 1.6.0 ? jam+ 6/25/14
Does readonly disk space increase with replication factor? Xiao Zhou 6/24/14
Publish/Subscribe API for Voldemort Gomathivinayagam Muthuvinayagam 6/23/14
Protobuf serializer Mat Evans 6/23/14
Gradle will use Maven Central Arun Thirupathi 6/20/14
tool to query one key from command line? Xiao Zhou 6/19/14
Autoscalling with EC2 or Openstack Dário Nascimento 6/19/14
anyway to save memory for voldemort readonly store Xiao Zhou 6/12/14
voldemort error Xiao Zhou 6/11/14
Chunk overflow exception Xiao Zhou 6/11/14
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