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function edgeEventByPoints implement changes from C++ to better support Collinear points Mário Silva 11/20/15
Voronoi cells support? Nik Skavinskiy 11/9/15
Java Maven Guice Install Issues Netbeans nht 11/4/15
clockwise triangles order easy 9/22/15
Can poly2tri create new points in the polygon? Arthur Masson 9/14/15
p2t fails to triangulate a polygon in one order while succeeds in other abbas...@gmail.com 3/11/15
Thanks, and a quick question Richard Wells 3/11/15
Paper availability Sébastien Paris 1/14/15
Port to Typescript Elemar Junior 1/7/15
Point on constrained edge not supported yet. Any workaround or fix? Dylan Meville 7/17/14
Triangulation has extra points/triangles. Not being removed in cleanup? Dylan Meville 7/13/14
Points from Delaunay Triangles Rushi Shukla 6/3/14
Can I do these with poly2tri ? Civil 5/4/14
Angle function and atan2 Andrey Diduh 4/26/14
error with continue triangulation Kate Yan 4/11/14
CDT::sweep_ why in heap memory? Andrey Diduh 4/10/14
4 points -> 1 triangle ?? (c#) erg 3/13/14
Almost as many triangles as points Andrew B. Martin 3/3/14
Starting to use poly2tri Ardo Avancena 2/26/14
isinf function changes reference on include poly2tri.h Ardo Avancena 2/25/14
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