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Revising the Oil Testing Kit docs Jeffrey Warren 7/1/15
Non-destructive testing of CO2 in capped beer bottles using DIY Spectrometer? 6/29/15
Re: [plots-nyc] Save the date: Newtown Creek Alliance and NY DEC event on oil sheens June 29! Jeffrey Warren 6/25/15
Anyone at Open Source Bridge today in Portland, Oregon? We need a workshop co-leader Liz Barry 6/25/15
1077 list members, 43k spectra, 5k users! Jeffrey Warren 6/25/15
Re: Automatic save Jeffrey Warren 6/25/15
Looking for collaboration - raspberry pi project Roni Segoly 6/25/15
Fwd: [plots-providence] Job Opportunity with Public Lab - Portland, OR Stevie Lewis 6/24/15
Fwd: New Interface for HITRAN Jeffrey Warren 6/24/15
Re: [PLOTS] Astronomical spectroscopy Jeffrey Warren 6/21/15
Offline analyzing Roni Segoly 6/20/15
Brining back the blog! Stevie Lewis 6/19/15
Announcing July OpenHour! Stevie Lewis 6/19/15
The next challenge remore capture Roni Segoly 6/19/15
Is there a way to automate capture/upload and save? Roni Segoly 6/17/15
Stepwise procedures to guide users through testing Sreyantha Chary 6/10/15
Question re capture from newbie Roni Segoly 6/9/15
Fwd: [plots-staff] Assistance with Spectrometer Stevie Lewis 6/8/15
Re: Help Bryan Bonvallet 6/4/15
Re: Questions Jeffrey Warren 6/4/15
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