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Questions About Gain Correction and their use in Plot Data? David haffner sr 6/30/16
Using a Rhodamine B standard to correct some past research mistakes... David haffner sr 6/29/16
Plab v2.5 (upgrade 2) Comparison Spectra to SpexFluoroMax Spectrometer David haffner sr 6/22/16
Announcing OpenHour! Stevie Lewis 6/20/16
[Important] Announcing the Annual Barnraising! Stevie Lewis 6/16/16
Tested 3 High Powered LEDs Red, Blue and Violet (UV) David haffner sr 6/11/16
Using Precision Measurements for Qualitative Analysis-Eosin Y in NaOH3 David haffner sr 6/8/16
Re: [plots-waterquality] Help with Shimadzu UV1200 protocols Liz Barry 6/7/16
OpenHour starting in 20 minutes - watch/chat at Liz Barry 6/6/16
I posted a very Informative and helpful research note on measurement equipment David haffner sr 6/6/16
Posted a wiki page, thanks to the helpful people at open call today! David haffner sr 6/2/16
Open Call tomorrow! Stevie Lewis 6/1/16
Experimental research project proposal by Jeff Warren and conducted by David Haffner...? David haffner sr 5/31/16
Calculating PPM (parts per million) and Accuracy results for The DH 4.2 spectrometer (homemade) David haffner sr 5/28/16
hi for all my name is kawa iam physics teacher from kurdistan regional of iraq 5/24/16
Experimental research project proposal by Jeff Warren and conducted by David Haffner David haffner sr 5/24/16
New Cuvette Holder design done on SmartDraw CAD David haffner sr 5/21/16
New upgrade today for my spectrometer/New CCD camera module!! David haffner sr 5/20/16
Chemical Analysis [Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons] in Crude oil David haffner sr 5/19/16
Presentation: Hello , my name is Sebastian Sebastian GALLARDO DEL RIO 5/18/16
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