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An Astute Lesson In Oils, for those who do not already know... David haffner sr 7/28/16
Announcing OpenHour Stevie Lewis 7/27/16
The value in having "robust" scientific debate... David haffner sr 7/27/16
Re: [plots-spectrometry] Modified Public Lab Spectrometer to measure UV-VIS - down to 270 nm? Jeffrey Warren 7/27/16
Absorption and Emission of Safranin O using a 532nm green laser July 24, 2016 David haffner sr 7/25/16
Absorption And Emission - Using The Plab v2.5 Spectrometer David haffner sr 7/24/16
Challenge: Identify 1-3 serious PLab spectrometer applications Dave Stoft 7/23/16
Please review draft Code of Conduct YAY! Liz Barry 7/21/16
Questions About Gain Correction and their use in Plot Data? David haffner sr 7/20/16
I have posted a major presentation on how to aquire absorption spectra... David haffner sr 7/20/16
How To Obtain Transmittance/ Absorbance Spectra a step by step guide... David haffner sr 7/18/16
SWB script frequently hangs browser Dave Stoft 7/13/16
I posted a major research study on Rhodamine B today... David haffner sr 7/12/16
Solux lamp test 4700K 12vdc 5A David haffner sr 7/8/16
Open Call tomorrow (Thursday) July 7 7pm ET (UTC-5) / 4pm PT (UTC-8) Liz Barry 7/6/16
Re: [plots-waterquality] Help with Shimadzu UV1200 protocols Liz Barry 7/6/16
Barnraising this weekend! Stevie Lewis 7/6/16
OpenHour on the Barnraising tomorrow!! Stevie Lewis 7/4/16
Using a Rhodamine B standard to correct some past research mistakes... David haffner sr 6/29/16
Plab v2.5 (upgrade 2) Comparison Spectra to SpexFluoroMax Spectrometer David haffner sr 6/22/16
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