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Replicating upgrade "builds" at Documentation Days events -- Somerville, MA Jeffrey Warren 9/27/16
Public Lab Launches New Initiative to Affordably Detect Pollutants with Open Hardware Tools Shannon Dosemagen 9/23/16
Announcing October's OpenHour! Such Activities Very Replication Liz Barry 9/22/16
TCD1304AP sensor with STM32F103 Dev board for spectrometer Dennis Meulensteen 9/22/16
Opening Barnraising Travel Stipend Application Stevie Lewis 9/21/16
Fun interactive poll about YOUR environmental interests Liz Barry 9/21/16
Re: [PLOTS] Hello and me Liz Barry 9/20/16
Replications begin! Add rigidity to your Desktop Spectrometry Kit with this simple upgrade Jeffrey Warren 9/19/16
Workshop in East Lansing, MI October 14-16 Gretchen Gehrke 9/19/16
This will be my last posting here at Public Lab... David haffner sr 9/14/16
Laser Calibration (532nm) of New DVD Diffration Grating 4.7 GB David haffner sr 9/12/16
Empirical Verification Of 0.05mm Slit Width of DH4.0 v4 Spectrometer David haffner sr 9/9/16
[Announcing] Barnraising Registration Stevie Lewis 9/8/16
New Laser Testing Using a 405nm UV laser Pointer and a 532nm Portable Green Laser David haffner sr 9/8/16
Microscopic View of Plab Acetate slit and My Gillette razor Blade Open Air Slit David haffner sr 9/6/16
OpenHour today! Stevie Lewis 9/6/16
CFL and LED Bulb Study Section III David haffner sr 9/6/16
Spectral Irradiance Study Section ll using The DH4.0v4 Spectrometer David haffner sr 9/3/16
CFL Spectral Irradiance Study using Spekwin32 David haffner sr 9/1/16
Two things! Stevie Lewis 8/31/16
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