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Two things! Stevie Lewis 3:07 PM
Resolution Test Using 532nm Laser and 405nm UV Laser Pointer David haffner sr 8/28/16
Effects of Solvents on Fluorescence of Biological Dyes David haffner sr 8/27/16
Fun interactive poll about YOUR environmental interests Liz Barry 8/25/16
The DH 4.0 v4 spectrometer is featured on!! David haffner sr 8/25/16
Final Data Analysis for My New 0.11mm Entrance Slit Design David haffner sr 8/23/16
How to measure specs of specs Jeffrey Warren 8/22/16
Special Scan - Sweet Wyoming Crude Oil 2D EEM Analysis of 0.11mm Slit Width David haffner sr 8/22/16
Comparison Values for 0.09mm and 0.11mm Slit Width David haffner sr 8/20/16
EEM 2D Spectrums Showing Evidence of Attenuation from Imperfections in Acetate Film Strips David haffner sr 8/20/16
Microscopic View of Public Lab's Acetate film slits David haffner sr 8/19/16
Carbol Fuchsin Doped with Lugol’s Iodine Solution AUG 13 2016 David haffner sr 8/19/16
UV Laser Pointer and Green Laser Spectra Through 1 Quartz Cuvette David haffner sr 8/18/16
Re: [PLOTS] Correlate detector values with absorption in a home-made spectrometer Liz Barry 8/17/16
Announcing OpenHour! Stevie Lewis 8/15/16
SNR (signal to noise ratio) Data for Eosin Y Study on 8/10/2016 David haffner sr 8/12/16
Complete Redesign of Entrance Slit David haffner sr 8/11/16
Build Instructions For The DH 4.0 v4 Spectrometer! David haffner sr 8/9/16
DH 4.0 v4 Spectrometer Build Illustrations, Modifications and Specifications David haffner sr 8/8/16
Validating The DH 4.0 v4 Spectrometer using - MALACHITE GREEN (Oxalate) David haffner sr 8/8/16
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