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Play 2.4.2 is released! James Roper 7/20/15
[Play 2.4] Initialise code after Application has started Eddie 7:01 AM
[2.4-java] SqlExceptionHelper - Timeout after 120000ms of waiting for a connection Johan Dahlberg 6:56 AM
Multi-project play dependency auto-reloading problems Joao Lemos 6:47 AM
Light Weight REST API using Play Framework 2.4.x Gabriel Volpe 6:44 AM
Migrating to 2.4.2 - "could not find implicit value for parameter messages" error 3:15 AM
Join type parameters in FunctionalBuilder falconepl 3:11 AM
Play 2.3.x messages.xx change on runtime by user André Schmidt 1:55 AM
[Play 2.4 Java] sbt-release not auto-incrementing build number Matt Daniels 1:07 AM
Mixing Scala and Java support in Play Module Chris Nappin 7/28/15
HikariCP with configuration property "initSQL" not supported? tilois 7/28/15
How to deploy Play on Amazon Beanstalk keeping /public editable for a single page application? Adam 7/28/15
Display Result on same page Nikhil Murarka 7/28/15
EmberJS support for 2.4 Play version Alex Bernotas 7/28/15
My Webapplication is not working in another Machine Paramesh Nalla 7/28/15
Avoid running "play eclipse" after adding a dependency in build.sbt Sébastien Bonami 7/28/15
[play-java 2.4] Custom ObjectMapper for JSON raunak 7/28/15
Anybody can hack the routes - is this an issue? Christian Bourgeois 7/28/15
Play [2.4.2 - Java] Numbers in RequestBody deserialized as BigInteger by default - Bug ? Apoorv Reddy 7/28/15
[sbt-web] Source file task running 2x Joe Zulli 7/27/15
[1.3.1] Should I be worried about this? Johan Vosloo 7/27/15
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