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Play 2.4.6 released Rich Dougherty 2/12/16
play crash and RUNNING_PID is removed Jiang Chen 6:54 AM
Deprecating Comet? Rich Dougherty 1:37 AM
PlayAuthenticate - Modular sample Konrad Gadzinowski 2/13/16
Re: PLay 2.3.6 + Hibernate 4.3.7.Final +JavaJpa error Matthias Kurz 2/13/16
[Play 2.4.6-Java] activator.bat dist fails on Windows Server 2012 (error not found: value javaCore) Slim Slam 2/13/16
[Play 2.4] Migrate to Guice or use spring integration? Vahid Zoghi 2/12/16
Eclipse can't make use of Jsonp in Play/Java app Cay Horstmann 2/12/16
Support JSONAPI standard in Scala Play Tianhao Li 2/12/16
Spring Data JPA and Play 2.4 : embarrassing Sagiruddin Mondal 2/12/16
Regarding hadoop and play framework harsha vardhan 2/11/16
Functional test cases using Helpers.route, creating a new Http.Context even if there is one existed Rajendra Prasad Gujja 2/11/16
[2.4.x-Java] ErrorHandler Enrico Morelli 2/11/16
Creating play 2.4.6 using activator play-spring-data-jpa but getting error java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: com.typesafe.sbteclipse.core.EclipsePlugin$.EclipseProjectFlavor()Lcom/typesafe/sbteclipse/core/EclipsePlugin$EclipseProjectFlavor$; Gagan Suri 2/11/16
Check at compile time that for each Messages("myKey") there is a defined "myKey" in each kheraud 2/10/16
non-blocking IO in load test Ali Lotfdar 2/10/16
[Play-Java 2.4.x] Model from subproject is not mapped Víctor Borges Jussiani 2/10/16
[Play-Java 2.4.x] Deploying to GAE raunak 2/10/16
[Play Scala - 2.5.0-M2] Class loader issues with JVM fork in Test Victor Pirat 2/10/16
Debugging Play 2.4 with Intellij 15 Alex Mueller 2/9/16
Use AWS SQS in Scala Play 2.4 reactive project Tianhao Li 2/9/16
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