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Introducing 3/15/18
Play 2.6.12 released! Marcos Pereira 3/2/18
New members are moderated Will Sargent 2/27/18
Play 2.5.17 released Greg Methvin 9/22/17
Guide to making a REST API with Play Will Sargent 3/30/17
Keeping call-specific things in threadlocal/context? Koen De Groote 1:27 PM
Play routes and controller Prasad Mokkapati 3/13/18
Play framework not generating CSRF Token in version 2.6.12 3/13/18
Eclipse - Scala Plugin - Play Framework - Macro Expansion Error Nir 3/12/18
Play 2.5 Ebean Integration Denis P 3/11/18
Java 9 - javax.xml.bind.DatatypeConverter class not found Thibault Meyer 3/11/18
Java 9 - Illegal Reflective Access Thibault Meyer 3/11/18
How can I test a API REST? Jesús Salas 3/10/18
Using configuration parameters obtained dynamically instead of Configuration file (For using AWS Parameter Store service) Sharath 3/9/18
"Host not allowed" and nginx Andrzej Cybulski 3/9/18
how could I get instance of play's actor system in my custom application loader? 3/8/18
Can't find WsTestClient in any Play! 2.6 artifacts 3/8/18
Request Timeout error for functional tests (WithServer) S. Liu 3/8/18
How to handle conflicting dependencies (old guava and Play 2.6.x) 3/8/18
Scala version 2.11.12 breaks build for 2.6.12 Koen De Groote 3/7/18
Could csrf be enabled and disabled for SIRD routes 3/7/18
AkkaHttpServer does not respect the JKS trustStore Punit Agrawal 3/7/18
[play-ws] Cache serving stale response instead of error Pablo Romanelli 3/6/18
DB connection not available after period of inactivity (play 2.6) 3/6/18
[1.5][regression] WebSocket controllers not working anymore? 3/4/18
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