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Play 2.5.3 released Greg Methvin 5/21/16
[play-2.4.6] [java] java-ebean plugin for eban 7.9.1 upwards Suraj Mundada 9:55 AM
[2.5.3] choosing other than default datasource from application.conf Jakub Błaszczyk 9:20 AM
[play 2.5 scala] ClassNotFoundException on model classes Edgars 6:53 AM
CSRF Cookie token for Angular requests Georgios Larkou 3:36 AM
Login form validation Vishwajeet Kore 3:21 AM
[2.5.0 Java] Checking environment in twirl templates Gustavo Santos 3:02 AM
Can't connect play 2.5 to mysql Chet 2:20 AM
replacing Global.getControllerInstance in Play 2.4 Olja 5/30/16
Reactive-stocks activator template has libraries not found Chris Howe-Jones 5/30/16
[Java-2.5.3] Nothing happens Johan Dahlberg 5/30/16
api authentication and parameter validation for scala Stevenson Cunanan Lee 5/30/16
Resque equivalent in Play/Scala Camille Wanty 5/29/16
Will Play 2.5.x upgrade to netty 4.1? Taehyun Park 5/29/16
[2.5.3 Scala] Generating a DI Reverse Route from Scala Michael Slinn 5/29/16
[Scala 2.5.3] play.api.test.route ignores FakeRequest path in multiproject? Michael Slinn 5/29/16
Play framework 2.5.x and Spring Integration Santhosh Kumar 5/28/16
[2.4] Upstart error with Native Packager (Debian) + Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial 5/27/16
[Play 2.5.3] Exception on com.typesafe.netty.HandlerSubscriber Thibault Meyer 5/27/16
bodyparser not parsing form submit within a filter? Kostas kougios 5/27/16
Re: anorm with oracle sequences Srinivas Nandina 5/27/16
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