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Session resets after form submission and redirect when testing with RSpec & Capybara Vell 9/20/16
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Devise not saving encrypted_password 8/23/16
Is it possible to ONLY use Omniauth as a provider Bill Oberacker 8/18/16
Setting the parent controller per scope Jens Ljungblad 8/18/16
Tracking the user model with public_activity James Torkornoo 8/16/16
Apache Passenger SUBURI Devise routing problem. Dave Benson 8/10/16
Using ActionMailer layouts to set the layout for devise_mailer ? Or a way to set a html layout for actionmailer, possible? rubybox 8/1/16
Devise Password validation issue Sai Ch 7/27/16
require admin to activate account before sign in matthew keable 7/18/16
eMail to Administrator when a User Sign up Florian Wesseler 7/17/16
Problem integrating omniauth-shopify-oauth2 with devise omniauthable Tony 7/12/16
Hiding table name from html Nilesh More 6/30/16
Adding :confirmable to users 6/28/16
css file for devise... how to do ? Jérôme Lanteri 6/28/16
Adding a css class to the devise forms JonathanSimmons 6/28/16
User Permission and Multiple user Roles Pradeep Sapkota 6/25/16
Rails 5 and Devise::Test::IntegrationHelpers not working Jez Caudle 6/23/16
Testing successful login with Devise mjswartz3141 6/22/16
Mutli client login devise Jeetesh Sisodia 6/21/16
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