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Official deprecation of this mailing list George Guimarães 2/4/17
Unauthorized error Marco Noronha 1/31/17
Devise - Sad path to Linkedin OAuth controller Celso Martins 1/30/17
suggestion fo Wiki topic Devin Fitzsimons 1/27/17
about action mailer Prabin Budhathoki 1/24/17
Devise Controllers in Heroku Production Ignacio Palma 1/24/17
Devise config settings per customer Mathieu Jobin 1/23/17
How can I block Omniauth GET requests? 1/20/17
I need help implementing Parameter sanitisers for multiple devise models Jovan Mulepi 1/12/17
Gem Компания Студиум 1/9/17
Why does this RegistrationsController customization not work? marcamillion 12/6/16
File organization - Two models Pedro Henrique Knoll Giacometo 11/29/16
REST API for Sign Up and Sign In Mansi Shah 11/29/16
Could not find generator 'devise:install' Ting-yu Huang 11/24/16
Make authenticate_user! use a specific authentication strategy Fernando MM 11/16/16
Move from nested_attributes_for to form objects Pedro Henrique Knoll Giacometo 11/9/16
Why does my Registrations#Update devise action not update all attributes in my `User` model? marcamillion 11/3/16
devise root authenticated in a different namespace jennas 11/2/16
change email field Matthew Turney 10/28/16
Reconfirmable - problem in validation Christiane Okamoto 9/28/16
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