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Adding :confirmable to users 6:10 AM
css file for devise... how to do ? Jérôme Lanteri 1:00 AM
Adding a css class to the devise forms JonathanSimmons 12:55 AM
User Permission and Multiple user Roles Pradeep Sapkota 6/25/16
Rails 5 and Devise::Test::IntegrationHelpers not working Jez Caudle 6/23/16
Testing successful login with Devise mjswartz3141 6/22/16
Mutli client login devise Jeetesh Sisodia 6/21/16
Concurrent User Sessions Using Devise with Subdomains Rizwan Reza 6/21/16
Changing password is not available anymore after adding 'update_without_password' feature J Paul LESCOUZERES 6/4/16
How to set Device Somebody 5/31/16
Rememberable and remember_created_at usefulness Filipe Giusti 5/19/16
devise nested attributes ALAN JACKSON 5/18/16
manually setting the user in session jennas 5/14/16
Session resets after form submission and redirect when testing with RSpec & Capybara Vell 5/12/16
find_or_create on sign_up Anthony Midili 5/5/16
Password reset for invalid User Kenzie 4/20/16
Unique email for 2 roles differently 4/11/16
eMail to Administrator when a User Sign up Florian Wesseler 4/6/16
Authenticate to a Rails app that uses Devise + Omniauth provider from an hybrid app Daniel Olivares Díaz de León 4/4/16
How does Devise reset the session after sign in? (aka How can I persist session data after sign in?) Chris Bloom 4/4/16
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