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Can't recover password using email or username. Nestor Yavorskyy 7/2/14
Why I cannot rescue_from with my custom method? Panayotis Matsinopoulos 7/2/14
Cannot login to a rails3/devise site when using https and Internet Explorer Martin Bayly 6/30/14
Authentication Failure with a Nokia Lumia and Blackberry Z10 Nic Willemse 6/30/14
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devise incompatibilities with other gems based on warden Philipe Fatio 6/27/14
devise_helper.rb is completely ignored Val Kotlarov Hoffman 6/26/14
Rails4.1, devise 3.2.4, rspec feature, How I get confirmation_token? Dan Bikle 6/20/14
Abusing warden? Robert Winter 6/15/14
Devise accepts logging in and Unauthorize right afterwards Olivier Milla 6/5/14
Showing devise_error_messages! on redirect on unsuccessful registration Derrick Mar 6/4/14
Multiple user models in Devise or use boolean attributes Björn 6/3/14
Resend confirmation instructions seems to reset the window for allow_unconfirmed_access_for Jonathan Mason 5/29/14
Google oAuth2: Bypassing scopes consent screen for non-admin users Subbu Athikunte 5/26/14
devise cropping Images Furkan Adiguezel 5/26/14
Devise signs in, but does not save current user David Dawson 5/21/14
devise-two-factor: A gem for for adding two-factor authentication to Devise models Shane Wilton 5/21/14
[Question] How to better ask for more oauth permissions? Luis Solano 5/20/14
How to activate different modules for different types of user? Dan Weaver 5/20/14
Call sign_out(@user) from a background worker Egon Zemmer 5/15/14
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