Programming Languages - Online Offering 2012

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Videos for 2012-11-21 lecture posted Jonathan Sailor 11/22/12
Roman numerals in Racket shriram 11/21/12
book not updated shriram 11/20/12
Mozilla SpiderMonkey and JavaScript Scope joe. politz 11/20/12
joint class meeting shriram 11/19/12
classes coming to an end shriram 11/19/12
Videos/notes from today (2012-11-19) posted; no quiz Jonathan Sailor 11/19/12
PDF built and published shriram 11/16/12
Python 3 Out Scott Newman 11/16/12
Problem 4 of written continuations Scott Newman 11/16/12
Quiz, videos, etc joe. politz 11/16/12
new language -- but be careful shriram 11/16/12
no PDF shriram 11/15/12
Python2 Handin joe. politz 11/14/12
Today's (2012-11-14) videos, quiz, etc. up Jonathan Sailor 11/14/12
Interesting post about dict() vs {} in Python joe. politz 11/14/12
quiz shriram 11/14/12
Python2 clarification joe. politz 11/14/12
book update pushed shriram 11/14/12
new written problem shriram 11/13/12
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