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Re: Issue 139 in django-hotclub: on clicking 'Reply to this post', comment textarea does not get focus 2/28/14
Re: Issue 14 in django-notification: No atomformat module 2/27/12
Issue 31 in django-notification: notification inserts rows into Notices buu emails never arrive at destination 7/8/11
Issue 6 in django-bookmarks: Bookmarks cannot be added with Django 1.2 12/6/10
Re: Issue 13 in django-notification: Unicode problem with saving notice to db in send function. Database truncates non english characters. 4/30/10
Re: Issue 21 in django-mailer: object has no attribute 'get_name' 3/9/10
Issue 15 in django-mailer: Postgres 8.3.3 and send_all: "unexpected EOF on client connection" 2/25/10
Re: Issue 25 in django-mailer: break_lock needed on LockTimeout 11/16/09
[django-messages] r123 committed - Added ability to override the default protocol in the site URL that is... 10/21/09
[django-messages] r122 committed - giving translator proper credit 10/14/09
[django-messages] r121 committed - updating french translation thanks to Frédéric Roland and Transifex 10/14/09
[django-messages] r120 committed - modifying docs and sphinx 10/14/09
[django-messages] r119 committed - updating docs 10/14/09
Issue 40 in django-messages: please add {% get_inbox_count as var1 %} 10/12/09
[django-messages] r118 committed - adding a 'as varname' option to the inbox_count templatetag. fixes iss... 10/12/09
Issue 30 in django-messages: Have templates display "No messages." if the message_list is empty. 10/5/09
Issue 39 in django-messages: Translation in Simplify Chinese 10/5/09
[django-messages] r117 committed - adding simplified chinese translation contributed by Gene Wu. 10/5/09
[django-messages] r116 committed - Adding a fixes issue #30 10/5/09
Issue 39 in django-messages: Translation in Simplify Chinese 10/4/09
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