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This forum is for Passenger-related discussions and community support. Post here if you have a Passenger-related problem.

The Passenger authors look here and help people from time to time, but a timely response (or a response at all) from the authors is not guaranteed. If you are looking for guaranteed support, please take a look at our premium support contracts instead.

If you suspect that your problem is caused by a bug in Passenger, please report that to the Github issue tracker instead of here.

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Problems with passenger selinux policy from rpm installation in CentOS7 Veli-Pekka Kestilä 7/1/15
Is there a concurrency limitation in free version passenger 5? 6/30/15
Apache will eventually fail and I am unable to tell why Konrad Moskal 6/29/15
PassengerRuby symlink change and then restart app? Isaac Reuben 6/28/15
Apache and Passenger Standalone Kenneth Mundt 6/25/15
Phusion Passenger 5.0.11 released Hongli Lai 6/24/15
Install from APT repository fails in Ubuntu 14.04 Sum Thai Wong 6/24/15
Install from Yum repository fails on Amazon Linux ( Arni Maack 6/23/15
Start up error (NodeJS Bcrypt Module) nlaw 6/23/15
Control preloader idle time in Passenger 5 Standalone? Karl Svec 6/23/15
SIGABRT not aborting RackApp processes Jay Howard 6/20/15
What is the preferred way to install phusion passenger with Rails? 6/18/15
Installing on Ubuntu server 14.04: Unable to locate package passenger 6/18/15
Debian libapache2-mod-passenger usable together with rvm and ruby gem etc. ? 6/17/15
directory index of "/sites/" is forbidden <=== error is driving me nuts mrmanishs 6/14/15
Benchmarking a rails app running Nginx+passenger on a 2g VPS ahmad al-kheat 6/13/15
Phusion Passenger 5.0.10 released: improved admin tools, bug fixes Hongli Lai 6/11/15
BADSIG 561F9B9CAC40B2F7 Error branden 6/11/15
Passenger Enterprise 5.0.6, Ruby 1.8.7-p374, and Rails 2.1.0 Sean Patrick Hagen 6/10/15
Re: [phusion-passenger] passenger-install-apache2-module fails on OSX Tinco Andringa 6/10/15
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