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The Passenger authors look here and help people from time to time, but a timely response (or a response at all) from the authors is not guaranteed. If you are looking for guaranteed support, please take a look at our premium support contracts instead.

If you suspect that your problem is caused by a bug in Passenger, please report that to the Github issue tracker instead of here.

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Ubuntu Xenial (16.04 LTS) package repository is empty Léon Hagenaars-Keus 4/28/16
Passenger 5.0.27 cause error on other dynamic modules in nginx 1.10.0 Anoop Alias 4/28/16
Passenger 5.0.28 released: rails server, Nginx 1.10, memory leak fix Hongli Lai 4/28/16
Passenger 4.0.53 + ruby 2.1.3, fails to download native support David Salgado 4/28/16
Installing gem passenger on CentOS 7 Gauthier Leclercq 4/26/16
Getting a Gevent WSGI server working with Passenger purplelotus 4/26/16
Passenger 5.0.21 error: Cannot connect to the Passenger core Денис Мазилов 4/26/16
nginx+ruby passenger starting but not working (+) AnLeAl AnLeAl 4/21/16
I'm Getting a 500 Internal Server Error When Trying to Access My Applications (Open Source 5.0.26) LightBe Corp 4/21/16 not found Tag Charlie 4/20/16
Turbocache does not cache Jens Ravens 4/19/16
passenger_set_cgi_params vs passenger_set_header vs passenger_set_env Alan Si 4/18/16
How to use different error_logs for different applications in Nginx + Meteor Setup? Dirk 4/15/16
Error when setup mongodb Tien Dinh Van 4/15/16
Passenger + Apache + Rails + DatabasedotCom 'Exception type: Passenger::SecurityException Error message: Line too long' Jimmie Butler 4/14/16
Passenger installation fails on RedHat 7 Dave Martin 4/14/16
Nginx phase of passenger_env_var? Boris Kheyfets 4/14/16
Rails API alternatively throws 404 Tenzin Chemi 4/13/16
Unable to upgrade Nginx to the latest mainline 1.9.x Conrad Taylor 4/13/16
Passenger-status command and the instance registry Jim 4/11/16
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