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Top PHP Frameworks of 2017 Xhtml Champs 10/9/17
PHP Programmer needed - 18 month contract - Woburn MA Boppanda Ganapathy 8/7/15
PSR-2 when using alternative syntax for control structures Sam Mountford 6/22/15
Reasons and background of different rules Wijnand Velzel 3/9/15
I am hiring 4 PHP Programmers Boppanda Ganapathy 2/25/15
Difference between "space" and "whitespace" in PSR-2 Greg Sherwood 1/26/15
Clarification required for PSR-2: The closing ?> tag MUST be omitted from files containing only PHP Greg Sherwood 1/26/15
Re: Digest for - 2 Messages in 1 Topic Greg Levine 5/27/14
Re: Digest for - 4 Messages in 3 Topics Greg Levine 5/27/14
ternary operation Romain Quellec 3/6/14
Multiline control structure and PHP CodeSniffer Maurus Cuelenaere 2/15/14
Re: New Job openings Lukas Kahwe Smith 11/6/13
PSR-2 Comments in Control Structures Phil Sturgeon 10/16/13
Interesting Aritcle about Multithread appserver written in PHP Nay Min 10/15/13
Should an anonymous function be able to be passed like this and still be valid PSR-2? Beau Simensen 9/30/13
PSR-2 "Multi-line Arguments" Errata Phil Sturgeon 9/30/13
Where do opening braces for functions go? (not methods, not closures) Masunaga Ray 8/28/13
Question on proper Array syntax John Mertic 8/15/13
Forbidden new/empty lines? Giacomo Gatelli 6/18/13
Are inline control structures prohibited? 4/26/13
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