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[VOTE][Accept] PSR-6 Caching Interfaces Paul Dragoonis 5:08 AM
Clarification For Using @var On Local Variable Declaration Chad Retz 4:01 AM
Membership Request: Denis Dulici (Arastta) Denis Dulici 3:48 AM
FIG Secretary Bylaw Changes Michael Cullum 11/28/15
[VOTE] ReactPHP Membership Chris Tankersley 11/28/15
[Proposal] Hypermedia Link PSR Larry Garfield 11/26/15
Abstentions and not voting Dracony 11/26/15
Minor typo set in PSR-7 metadoc Larry Garfield 11/25/15
[VOTE] Icicle membership Christopher Pitt 11/25/15
Scoping the Event Loop PSR Proposal Andrew Carter 11/25/15
PSR for Streams Andrew Carter 11/25/15
[VOTE] PhpSpec Membership Paul Dragoonis 11/25/15
Some statistics Dracony 11/25/15
Potential changes to Event Loop PSR line-up Christopher Pitt 11/23/15
[PSR-6] Minimum PHP version? Larry Garfield 11/23/15
I want to translate psr coding standards in Bengali language. Aniruddha Chakraborty 11/23/15
Disabling issues on Github Michael Cullum 11/23/15
Membership Request: Ciaran McNulty - PhpSpec Ciaran McNulty 11/23/15
[PSR-11] IRL meeting at the Paris AFUP's PHP Forum David Négrier 11/22/15
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