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Google groups spam detection Michael Cullum 9/14/16
[Internals] Secretary Declarations of Conflicts of Interest Michael Cullum 8/11/16
Self-throttling Michael Cullum 6/2/16
WG for PSR-12 Alexander Makarov 6/24/17 Eng,Md Molla 6/22/17
Standard for formatting long conditions Sergey Karavay 6/21/17
Pre-review stage review of PSR-12 Michael Cullum 6/10/17
[VOTE] Some enhancements for PSR-12 Aliance 6/9/17
PSR-12: Order of сonstants, methods and properties definitions Кирилл Фрейман 6/8/17
PSR Idea: Messaging API Márk Sági-Kazár 6/2/17
Standard for CQRS and Event sourcing Constantin Galbenu 5/23/17
Minimal HTTP middleware Rasmus Schultz 5/21/17
PSR-7: missing method withServerParams() Rasmus Schultz 5/20/17
Website updates (PSR-11) Ciaran McNulty 5/19/17
Survey: Naming things Larry Garfield 5/18/17
Meeting at PHPDay Stefano Torresi 5/13/17
[CC][VOTE] PSR-15 WG Matthew Weier O'Phinney 5/12/17
[DISCUSSION][PSR-17] Working Group Matthew Weier O'Phinney 5/9/17
[PSR-6][Errata] expiresAt() missing parameter type, take 2 Larry Garfield 5/8/17
Routing PSR Damiano Petrungaro 4/27/17
Controllers and Filters PSR(s) ? Rasmus Schultz 4/26/17
Service providers PSR: seeking members for a working group David Négrier 4/18/17
Maybe a stupid question, but.. Julien JANVIER 4/17/17
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