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Memory leak in org.apache.cordova.geolocation 0.3.12? Rob Willett 1:09 PM
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Does the camera plugin persist permission? hleung0325 12:20 PM
GapDebug is caught as virus in my computer by Symantec Antivirus software Naynesh Shah 7:42 AM
Phonegap camera plugin unable to install 7:22 AM
"phonegap run android --emulator" does nothing. gnugu 3/5/15
Error in data != 0x002A when selecting a picture with Phonegap Camera plugin - Windows Phone eeadev 3/5/15
Cordova for windows 7 desktop Apps and Plugins KuRi 3/5/15
Can't get phonegap to install on osx yosemite Luke Becker 3/4/15
Looking for a partner motivated for sartup (25% equity) Tony Vitti 3/4/15
Please help!! ANDROID_HOME is not set and "android" David 3/4/15
Authenticating to a service john schwery 3/4/15
Do I have access to mediaFile object created by navigator.device.capture in Phonegap app? sven roeterdink 3/4/15
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