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captureAudio captureVideo Jamie Irvine 3:51 AM
phonegap is not working Jaya kumar 4/26/15
Color status bar Lollipop Phonegap Robin26 4/26/15
Building a dynamic mobile app with phone gap, to avoid Manual App updates. Ujwala 4/26/15
Error when building android platform 4/26/15
[iOS] Cordova Keyboard Avoidance without resizing web view Kerri Shotts 4/25/15
Can we create a phonegap app which will take the screen shots Amit Lomte 4/25/15
watchPosition constantly firing Mark Rupert 4/25/15
drop down is not working in phonegap hrudaya palwe 4/25/15
sometimes window.requestFileSystem is not returning any call backs Anson T P 4/25/15
GAPlugin with PhoneGap Sarah 4/25/15
Black screen using cordova camera plugin David Fabreguette 4/25/15
Cordova ios Native plugin for autocomplete Naresh Pedagani 4/25/15
THREAD WARNING: ['InAppBrowser'] took '46.578125' ms. Plugin should use a background thread. Stephen Scotti 4/25/15
PhoneGap plugin - Error: class not found displayed when the save button is clicked to save the canva wk tan 4/25/15
Best way to package phonegap app for Desktop use? Michael Potter 4/25/15
camera access vignesh senthil 4/25/15
i don't think the source of phonegap documents is upto date, why the last update is still in 2014? mnz hz 4/25/15
PhoneGap Build and Plugins GR Yannacoulias 4/25/15
not working on windows phone erkin tek 4/25/15
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