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[JOB] JS Developer Needed Richard Walters 1/20/14
[JOB] Front End/JavaScript Software Developer RJ Kedziora 12/3/13
[JOB] JS Developer Needed Richard Walters 7/16/13
[Job] Computer Graphics & Animation Javascript Developer Neil / VisualBudget 5/30/13
Free Mobile App Training next week: Build your first app with HTML5, JavaScript and a BaaS Tim Anglade 4/15/13
Mega Meta Meetup Group Meetup (4/16) reedlauber 4/3/13
Meteor Show&Tell Tonight reedlauber 4/2/13
Coming to Philly, Hiring, SXSW Neil / VisualBudget 3/25/13
Call for Talks reedlauber 3/11/13
March Meetup Scheduled reedlauber 3/5/13
[JOB] Front-end Dev. for 2 - 3 Month Contract reedlauber 3/4/13
[Job] Philadelphia Health IT Startup Looking For Javascript Web Application Developer Eric King 2/19/13
[JOB] Looking for a mediawiki/javascript developer for a 3-6 month Wikipedia project Jake Orlowitz 2/12/13
Philly Emerging Tech Conf: Yehuda Katz, Tim Branyen, Nicolas Gallagher, many others ... 2/7/13
[ANN] EnvJasmine now has code coverage Trevor Lalish-Menagh 1/11/13
Anyone job searching? I am just starting my search in the Philly area and need some tips! Scotti Williams 1/7/13
OpenHack (Any Merit in This) Brad Steinberg 10/25/12
Philly Code Retreat update: more space, please RSVP mike nicholaides 9/4/12
Code Retreat on Sept 15th mike nicholaides 8/14/12
JavaScript Libraries Index reedlauber 8/12/12
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