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Trying to compile Sphinx 2.2.9 on CentOS 7.1 using Percona 5.6 for mysql; sphinx configure complains about not finding mysql Kenneth Wolcott 1:40 PM
XtraBackup - MySQL locks up when backing up MyISAM tables Gerben van Eck 1:23 PM
Errors after starting slave replication with Percona XtraBackup Viktor Lavrov 4/24/15
mysql replica to slow from 5.1 to 5.6 Rustam 4/24/15
Looking for a consultant for a project on Mac OS X. Jon Taylor 3/25/15
HaProxy configuration to prevent multiple node writing with Percona Cluster Marc Castrovinci 3/23/15
Making sysbench to cluster shows better performance with one node than three Ruben O 3/19/15
Tokudb Read free replication Michael Eklund 3/19/15
Can't deploy Xtradb cluster, exit with error Ruben O 3/17/15
BUG - Restore a Compact backup with multiple ibdata Davide Belloni 3/12/15
PXC may crash after importing MyISAM databases? Denis Sh 3/12/15
Really slow inserts on small tables? Cabbar Duzayak 3/12/15
percona-toolkit 2.2.13: damaged data on master after pt-table-sync Sergey Arlashin 2/24/15
Problem inserting large amount of rows Bruno Kamiche 2/23/15
Inserting many rows Bruno Kamiche 2/23/15
pt-online-change dies then it fails to connect to one of the slaves Alexander Piavlo 2/22/15
Error: Reading from the stream has failed on Percona release 0.1-3 Félix de Lelelis 2/19/15
Can't create logfiles after successfull backup Viktor Lavrov 2/18/15
unable to run pt-table-sync Aaron Lee 2/4/15
BF-BF X lock conflict on Percona XtraDB Cluster version 5.5.39-36.0 Martin Romih 1/20/15
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