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Code completion for php showing html source Anthony ‌ 1/14/15
Current Update Site down? djc...@gmail.com 1/13/15
p2-mirror-dev repository zulus 12/28/14
The last CodeSniffer andrew....@gmail.com 11/27/14
PDT Extensions dead? Robert Kosten 11/25/14
PDT Discovery Wizard zulus 9/29/14
documentation of PHP development api Dương Khôi 9/11/14
Extendable PHP Explorer / Project Layout zulus 7/8/14
can't run PHPUnit in a composer/symfony project in eclipse luna Thomas Koch 7/3/14
PDT Validation Framework zulus 6/25/14
PTD Symfony2 console - cannot execute fourp...@gmail.com 6/20/14
Unused / undefined variable validor zulus 5/15/14
Jenkins update Robert Gründler 4/22/14
PDT nightly builds url zulus 3/10/14
Release new PDT-Eg version zulus 2/14/14
Extend PEX? Provide Namespace for new element wizards? Thomas Gossmann 2/3/14
[job] Zend - Senior Eclipse Software Engineer Natalia Bartol 1/22/14
Providing an All-In-One PDT Eclipse distribution Robert Gründler 6/3/13
formatter broken in 2013-05-20 hus...@googlemail.com 5/24/13
Format selected text Pablo Esteban Bueti 4/11/13
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