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Standard Annotations with different Start Styles Christian Gruber 12/22/17
Touch screen on PC as detect like a mobile Jérémy Guyenot 12/20/17
Apply Image as a watermark in the pdftron viewer Loganathan S 12/19/17
Password protected document (unknown) 12/19/17
Contents in a document with multiple pages overlaps in one page. Renson Dimaculangan 12/18/17
Add sliding thumbnail view like mobile web-viewer to Custom horizontal display mode V 12/14/17
Why does WebViewer give a warning about Content-Encoding when loading from my server? David Tippett 12/12/17
Mobile Viewer - Maintain Zoom When Changing Pages David Compton 12/12/17
How to view ebooks in pdftron? Gowtham Lcs 12/11/17
Low rendering performance in mobile mode Andrew Borzilo 12/11/17
SetToolMode not being picked up Jonathan Readman 12/7/17
Progress spinner image and css Glen Davies 12/5/17
Modify drawn annotation Tim McElwee 12/1/17
Error on mobile device - could not load memory initializer PDFNetC.js.mem Jayaseelan A 12/1/17
sending binary data instead of URL initialDoc option of webviewer vanc 12/1/17
Reading pdf file from local http server vanc 12/1/17
TextHighlight show all Andrea Rinaldi 11/29/17
Load pdf from external/ other place , Annotations Dipak Dendage 11/29/17
'pageComplete' event is not trigger via scroll up or down event Jayaseelan A 11/29/17
Documents with closely spaced lines render strangely in WebViewer Matt Parizeau 11/29/17
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