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Viewing encrypted linearised (fast web view) PDF Glen Davies 11/22/16
Annotations cannot function properly when open a Optimized(linearized) PDF Jessie Lin 11/22/16
Is there any way to merge the the annotCommand to xfdf without using the pdf? Muraleekrishna G 11/17/16
Returning data from server URL Matt Parizeau 11/16/16
Load base64 encoded string (pdf contnent) using WebViewer Rams Chowdary 11/16/16
Wrong signature in local header: 1178882085 Christian Gruber 11/16/16
Failed to decode downloaded font Michael Lee 11/15/16
Adding new buttons to the annotation edit popup Matt Parizeau 11/15/16
GetQuads in JavaScript Alexey Pasmanik 11/14/16
PDF Web Viewer not using iframe Thomas Chan 11/10/16
Issue displaying Layers from XOD files . Dharmesh Patel 11/10/16
Invalid XOD file: Zip end header data is wrong size David Compton 11/9/16
How to delete an annotation when annotation has a different author than the current user Matt Parizeau 11/9/16
How to make the mouse pointer to be 'sw-resize' when hovering over the custom control handle Hentry Martin 11/8/16
RTL in HighLight selection Alexey Pasmanik 11/8/16
Accessibility mode Chris Hine 11/8/16
Want to show dotted border for area text selection when SELECTION_MODE is set to rectangular Dharmesh Patel 11/8/16
How can the WebViewer securely obtain the XOD password used in decryption? Kevin Kuo 11/8/16
How to get the parent annotation when adding a note to an annotation? Ryan - PDFNet Developer 11/8/16
Customizing WebViewer to have differently styled checkboxes Matt Parizeau 11/8/16
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