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Remove Double Tap functionality when using Free Hand tool (Mobile Web Viewer) Gian Jamisola 9/13/16
Creating form fields programmatically Matt Parizeau 9/12/16
Loading thumbnails for pages Matt Parizeau 9/12/16
Can't write doc to buffer Ryan - PDFNet Developer 9/9/16
Using full version of PDFNetJS in Internet Explorer Matt Parizeau 9/9/16
How to load Webviewer using ES6 modules and imports Laurent Biancardini 9/8/16
Mobile browser-document is not loading in an iframe Jayaseelan A 9/7/16
Using LocalPartRetriever for efficient loading in a Cordova app Matt Parizeau 9/2/16
Change color of TextSelect tool webapp 9/1/16
In Android, keyboard opens above the field in WebViewer and user cannot see what he's typing Yedhu Krishnan 9/1/16
Prevent setting selected text when using TextHighlight tool webapp 8/31/16
Modifying styles of print dialog Matt Parizeau 8/30/16
Modifying i18n, changing translations or adding custom languages Matt Parizeau 8/30/16
Creating annotations with a single click Matt Parizeau 8/30/16
Retrieve Coordinates for selected text Devanshi Bhagat 8/30/16
Local URL > Cordova file plugin HTML5 File API Michael Lee 8/30/16
latest webviewer-problem to load the encrypt XOD document Jayaseelan A 8/23/16
saving edited pdf to server with php Christian Joy Burgos 8/22/16
Form Actions not working Ilya Junge 8/18/16
How to rotate thumbnails to match custom page rotations? Ryan - PDFNet Developer 8/18/16
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