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serious hebrew search/present/select issues with reverted chars & missing chars Danny Mendel 8/3/16
Select rectangle shown in readonly mode (unknown) 8/3/16
Unable to edit annotation notes in ios devices (unknown) 8/3/16
prevent webviewer ui control or form filling & annotations Danny Mendel 8/3/16
Can you set a flag on a annotation by Javascript Tonny Vildevall 8/2/16
Mobile browser-document is not loading in an iframe Jayaseelan A 8/2/16
When using MobileReaderControl.html directly, how to specify license key? Nicolai Henriksen 8/2/16
How to reduce the long touch/tap delay for annotation popup? (unknown) 7/27/16
Unable to get property 'DisplayModes' of undefined or null reference in IE Divin Paul 7/27/16
add/remove pages Yizhou TANG 7/27/16
Load large size document is showing “aw snap” error in chrome browser. Jayaseelan A 7/27/16
Part Retriever interface Donald Gordon 7/22/16
Safari can't load config file Sean L 7/22/16
Add Save Annotations button to top ribbon Skip Gaede 7/22/16
PDFTRON - Download PDF with custom annotations srinivasan Bose 7/21/16
Webviewer Setting Initial view state (zoom, horizontal and vertical scroll position) srinivasan Bose 7/21/16
iOS local encrypted > "Error loading document: Invalid XOD file: Zip end header data is wrong size" Michael Lee 7/21/16
how to use importAnnotations() for lazy loading of external annotation Danny Mendel 7/20/16
How to show annotations in web viewer if we have multiple annotation data server urls Pawan Kumar 7/20/16
Inconsistencies in focusing on text area for pdf forms Roshan Jossey 7/18/16
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