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WebViewer v2.2.1 Released Matt Parizeau 9/6/16
doc viewer text inputs change default to text-align: RTL Danny Mendel 12/9/16
Documents are loading slow Gowtham Lcs 12/9/16
Viewing encrypted linearised (fast web view) PDF Glen Davies 12/9/16
WkWebView Michael Lee 12/8/16
Get Pdf Page Label by Page Number Alexey Pasmanik 12/7/16
Re-builded PDF tron view page (ReaderControl.html), Alexey Pasmanik 12/6/16
Similar images result in different quality after PDF to XOD conversion Samer Albahra 12/6/16
Best approach for manipulating local PDF in background Glen Davies 12/5/16
Very slow PDF loading Christian Gruber 12/2/16
Annotations being rotated for certain landscape documents prakhar jaiswal 12/1/16
High CPU load PDF (IE and Chrome) alextrs 12/1/16
Extracting text from a selected zone Matt Parizeau 12/1/16
A tool that creates a stamp image from a selected area Matt Parizeau 12/1/16
Pdf Annotation show when open new pdf se1 se1 11/30/16
how are character index been calculated and highlight correctly Thomas Chan 11/29/16
How do I deactivate the pinch-zoom inside mobile webviewer? Support 11/28/16
iOS Zoom crash Michael Lee 11/25/16
Compare file using PDFTron web viewer Amrut Chaudhary 11/24/16
How to load file from mvc C# controller into webviewer Hans-Gunnar Lagermark 11/24/16
right download for PDFNetJS Core SDK Eduard Ghazanchyan 11/23/16
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