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WebViewer v2.2.0 Released Matt Parizeau 4/11/16
Relative Links David Collins 4/29/16
Cannot read property 'DisplayModes' of undefined when initiating WebViewer Nikki R.D. Strømsnes 4/29/16
docpub html conversion - shows special character - "�" for some alphabets kiwi 4/29/16
Customziable UI / Disable Components sbi 4/29/16
Xod conversion Marko Jovanovic 4/29/16
Bookmark web link (URI action) does not display on IE 11 browser The Anh Tran 4/28/16
force continuous display of zoom slider? s.crandall 4/28/16
how to clear highlighted text of search result? s.crandall 4/28/16
Color of Signature Scott Griswold 4/27/16
Prevent Display of Bookmark Button? s.crandall 4/26/16
How to bind custom trigger to hyperlinks / link and goto that are already created in original PDF Nam Tran Quoc 4/25/16
Getting Start WebViewer Offline_mode Francesco Perfetti 4/21/16
Download CROSS-ORIGIN Error Francesco Perfetti 4/21/16
Issue of zoom in to WebViewer in mobile. Anish Jain 4/21/16
Off Line Francesco Perfetti 4/18/16
use PDFNetJs without Byte Range Request 朱贝贝 4/15/16
Extending stock annotations Nicholas Timmermann 4/13/16
How do I enable annotations tools on the PWS WebViewer? Kevin Kuo 4/12/16
net::ERR_<unknown> when using Chrome, Range Request and no Cache Hinting Donald Gordon 4/11/16
Is there a short term plan to provide the Cordova plugin for accessing the PDFTron features? Vinoth Kumar 4/11/16
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