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WebViewer v2.2.1 Released Matt Parizeau 9/6/16
Calling PDFNet.PDFDoc.pagePushFront() results in last page not being displayed on WebViewer Benjamin Roedell 9:52 AM
Convert pdf2xod and xod2pdf Lior Sapir 9:51 AM
Annotation menu Scott Griswold 9:51 AM
Adding WebViewer option xdomainProxyUrl causes Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'statusText' Benjamin Roedell 9:51 AM
Re: Web viewer document links not working Gloogle Inc 10/21/16
Mobile viewer: default to single page view, zoom to full page width, allow swipe-to-next-page Donald Gordon 10/21/16
Preloading webviewer assets Muraleekrishna G 10/21/16
Text selection issue with highlight, underline and strikeout Richard Dupont 10/21/16
How to attach event to displayed Icon (StampAnnotation) for custom functionality ? Alexey Pasmanik 10/20/16
Delay before text highlight is usable Samer Albahra 10/20/16
CoreControls.Document.getViewerCoordinates() always errors Fergus Rourke 10/19/16
When using right click on a document in Safari, tool menu won't appear consistently Elena G 10/19/16
Mobile Reader > Zoom Scroll > Pre-render quality and speed Michael Lee 10/18/16
saving annotations Tehila Horvitz 10/18/16
Can't drag when zoomed in (WebViewer Mobile, on desktop Chrome) Donald Gordon 10/18/16
WebViewer Offline Mode Kristian Hein 10/17/16
Users can't view typed annotation notes when using full screen PDFTron in Safari Elena G 10/17/16
Zoom settings changes when user enters fullscreen, usability issue? Elena G 10/14/16
Get Page numbers which contains text Devanshi Bhagat 10/14/16
Wait for Document to Load Bill Powell 10/14/16
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