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WebViewer v2.2.2 Released Matt Parizeau 2/8/17
Undefined is not an object (evaluating 'this.v.N[a].ed') David Compton 5/25/17
Helping For Closing Button Andrea Rinaldi 5/25/17
iOS Annotation List Scrolling David Compton 5/25/17
Local URL > Cordova file plugin HTML5 File API Michael Lee 5/25/17
Problem with bookmark navigation on rotated pages Give Us A Freaking Break 5/25/17
IE 11 crash Mike Oliver 5/25/17
Blurry PDF's Thoai-Lam Nguyen 5/24/17
Error loading document: TypeError: Cannot read property 'off' of undefined David Compton 5/23/17
Custom Tool (unknown) 5/19/17
Viewing two documents side-by-side Justin Jung 5/19/17
Change default style of free hand annotations Patrick Herber 5/18/17
Big Size streaming cloudfront url is not working in HTML5 webviewer Jayaseelan A 5/16/17
Error with loadDocument Volker Andres 5/12/17
Cannot get correct bounding rectangle for Sticky Annotation Dhaya Benmessaoud 5/10/17
Print from webviewer,get blurry print pages (unknown) 5/9/17
"Getting the viewer ready. Next time this will be much faster" Justin Jung 5/8/17
Impossible to get search results quads using TextSearch Dhaya Benmessaoud 5/4/17
When printing the excel document,Watermark is not display at the bottom of the page. (unknown) 4/27/17
Bug: Change selection of Annotations.TextHighlightAnnotation changes comment Volker Andres 4/20/17
Drawing annotations with boundaries Justin Jung 4/19/17
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