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WebViewer v3.1 Released Matt Parizeau 12/12/17
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How to print only notes of the document? Sagar Fargade 3/13/18
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BUGS: 'annotationChanged' event (unknown) 3/12/18
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Hyperlinks not working in XOD, converted from PDF David Compton 3/8/18
Document leads to crash when opened simultaneously in two instances Christian Gruber 3/8/18
Securing pdf in browser Glen Davies 3/7/18
FreeText annotation in editing mode Dũng Nguyễn 3/5/18
Max Zoom Ricardo Pereira 3/2/18
No displaying thumbnails and pages on IE but OK in Chrome and Firefox Jérémy Guyenot 3/2/18
How to disable search and text selection? Matt Parizeau 3/2/18
Comment scroll bugs (unknown) 2/28/18
IE11 crashes when downloading from WebViewer Patricia Del Mundo 2/28/18
How to Give User the Ability to Select a Polygon Cloud Annotation Immediately After Drawing One Qudama-VP 2/28/18
Unable to view pdf that contains image in it Gowtham Lcs 2/27/18
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