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WebViewer v2.2.0 Released Matt Parizeau 4/11/16
Retrieve Coordinates for selected text Devanshi Bhagat 8/24/16
Prevent setting selected text when using TextHighlight tool webapp 8/24/16
latest webviewer-problem to load the encrypt XOD document Jayaseelan A 8/23/16
saving edited pdf to server with php Christian Joy Burgos 8/22/16
Form Actions not working Ilya Junge 8/18/16
How to rotate thumbnails to match custom page rotations? Ryan - PDFNet Developer 8/18/16
Is there any option to make whole PDF form non editable and display the annotations using WebViewer? Vinoth Kumar 8/18/16
using pdfnet conversion issue : "Invalid size of Stitching Bounds array" Jayaseelan A 8/17/16
Translation i18n Yizhou TANG 8/17/16
Where should PDFNet APIs be called when they are used with WebViewer? David Tippett 8/16/16
Failed to save files for offline use for a few documents Samer Albahra 8/12/16
annotationPopupCreated doesn't trigger webapp 8/12/16
The text doesn't show in the text box on iPad(annotation comment note) Jayaseelan A 8/11/16
PDF2XOD Conversion Chen NY David 8/11/16
Relative Links David Collins 8/11/16
In XOD the annotation font-size is not proper and it is happening only on Android Mobile Vinoth Kumar 8/10/16
Annotation's Save Button is not working Adil Mazhar 8/9/16
PdfNetJS in mobiles Ali 8/5/16
Cordova > iOS > Rotate > Landscape top margin Michael Lee 8/4/16
serious hebrew search/present/select issues with reverted chars & missing chars Danny Mendel 8/3/16
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