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WebViewer v2.2.2 Released Matt Parizeau 2/8/17
Bug: Change selection of Annotations.TextHighlightAnnotation changes comment Volker Andres 4/20/17
Print from webviewer,get blurry print pages (unknown) 4/19/17
Drawing annotations with boundaries Justin Jung 4/19/17
Prevent dragging & deleting of custom annotations Christian Gruber 4/19/17
Error in displaying XOD file in web viewer Anoop Jatavallabha 4/18/17
XOD printing blank pages Derek 4/13/17
How can I change the icon of the StickyAnnotation Volker Andres 4/12/17
Unable to edit annotation notes in ios devices Muraleekrishna G 4/11/17
Problems with text returned from TextSelectTool Fabian Welz 4/10/17
How do I get text under text markup annotation? Support 4/10/17
Impossible to get search results quads using TextSearch Dhaya Benmessaoud 4/7/17
Display document loading progress sbi 4/7/17
Convert xlsx file to XOD with PHP Bill Powell 4/6/17
IE - when you scroll by clicking the scrollbar, the viewer jump back to the last position Justin Jung 4/6/17
annotationChanged event and deleteAnnotation Si Mills 4/6/17
How to prevent PDFTron WebViewer from not setting default styles prakhar jaiswal 4/5/17
How can I find textarea maximum characters limit Loganathan S 4/4/17
Improving HTML5 printing quality Matt Parizeau 4/4/17
Hide Bookmarks and Annotations Button - Mobile Reader Control David Compton 4/4/17
Is there any way to get the top left position of the visible area? Justin Jung 4/3/17
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