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EMA meeting 22 Nov on access to data, 5-page report breast cancer screening 12/7/12
Opening up EU clinical trial data breast cancer screening 12/5/12
YODA data release policy: data from Medtronic studies - message from Harlan Krumholz Richard Lehman 11/28/12
PATH as an open group Richard Lehman 11/26/12
can the whole world read our email correspondence? breast cancer screening 11/25/12
EMA workshop on clinical trial data and transparency 22 Nov 2012: a landmark meeting Richard Lehman 11/23/12
our email list is open, no password needed breast cancer screening 11/25/12
How the UK drug regulator looks at access to data, and EMA meeting 22 Nov breast cancer screening 11/24/12
BMJ blog about yesterday's EMA workshop on sharing clinical trial data 11/23/12
Fwd: EMA press release: Workshop kicks off process towards proactive publication of clinical trial data (ID:humtop) Peter Doshi 11/23/12
The Tamiflu story on multimedia 11/19/12
European governments should sue the drug firm Roche breast cancer screening 11/13/12
Re: Lack of proportionality. Seven specifications of public interest that override post-approval commercial interests on limited access to clinical data Ash Paul 11/11/12
European governments should sue Roche for Tamiflu losses breast cancer screening 11/8/12
Canada's Clinical Trial Infrastructure: A Prescription for Improved Access to New Medicines Ash Paul 11/4/12
Tamiflu open data campaign 11/3/12
Re: Medtronic Helped Write, Edit Positive 'Infuse' Spine Studies Ash Paul 10/30/12
IOM Workshop on Sharing Clinical Research Data Marilyn Mann 10/12/12
Re: Glaxo Opens Door to Data on Research Ash Paul 10/11/12
Missing data undermine clinical trials Ash Paul 10/11/12
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