Welcome to the Partnership Minyanim Googlegroup!

JOFA has created this group in order to provide a space where all those wonderful people involved in partnership minyanim around the world can share ideas, challenges, dilemmas, and milestones. We have found that there are a lot of similar conversations happening in many different places about partnership minyan, and we think it's valuable for us all to learn from one another, connect with one another, and share wisdom. We are not alone in our efforts to make positive change in religious life. We are all part of the same rubric. And we think that there is value in reminding ourselves of that and using these connections to give us all more strength in our work and religious lives. It's empowering and enlightening, and helps us be part of a broader network of community.

All comments, questions and queries are welcome in the spirit of positive growth, change, and conversation. If you have any questions or comments or questions for the moderators, feel free to contact 

All the best, and see you online!


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