This is a public group dedicated to topics for the OZONE Widget Framework and the OZONE Platform. 

The group's topic areas are intended to be those for the open-source capabilities of OWF and OZP. For those of you familiar with previous versions or who have add-ons related to government environments, see www.owfgoss.org, and specifically the links for GOSS.

For more information about the released open-source capabilities and the OZONE Platform, see http://ozone-development.github.io/ozone-website/

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Webtop michael...@gmail.com 6/29/16
Setup an OZP Development Environment OZP Dev 6/15/16
Using an Existing Authentication Service for OWF7 Mike Lanciano 5/31/16
Selenium testing with OWF jlke...@gmail.com 4/30/16
Ozone Platform Release OZP Dev 4/25/16
Production-Esque Deployment of OZP OZP Dev 3/30/16
No expander tool in OWF 7.17.0 mellowT 3/29/16
What is the last released help bundle containing OWF documentation? Andre Flory 3/24/16
Firefox Web Socket Closes unexpectedly Hobo Joe 3/22/16
RE: "map.view.zoom" and how to be notified about zoom changes Ruff, Thomas 3/3/16
OZP system API? juddson 3/1/16
Default OWF Certificates Expired ja.g...@gmail.com 2/25/16
OZP has released ozp-iwc 1.2.2 OZP Dev 2/18/16
OZP Production Deployment Scripts OZP Dev 2/18/16
Automatic registering of users to groups failing in OWF 7.17 mellowT 2/17/16
OWF API in banner.js Sam 2/16/16
Application or component-level configuration data? calb...@stellarscience.com 2/9/16
Build errors involving smack dependencies thin...@gmail.com 2/1/16
OZP with ALL Components Operational Using the Vagrant Scripts, Has Anyone Had Successful Deployment? Tiffany Reid 1/29/16
Marketplace vs OWF not working Mario Savard 1/22/16
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