This is a public group dedicated to topics for the OZONE Widget Framework and the OZONE Platform. 

The group's topic areas are intended to be those for the open-source capabilities of OWF and OZP. For those of you familiar with previous versions or who have add-ons related to government environments, see www.owfgoss.org, and specifically the links for GOSS.

For more information about the released open-source capabilities and the OZONE Platform, see http://ozone-development.github.io/ozone-website/

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CentOS 6 Requirement for OZP-Ansible wj1...@gmail.com 8/9/16
OZP github repos new location Ross Pokorny 9/9/16
OZP Equivs for OWF.* functions Daniel Montanez 9/6/16
What happened to the original site? mace...@gmail.com 9/2/16
Setup OWF through apache mod_jk Gary M 8/29/16
Is it possible to listen to state events of other widgets? sirst...@gmail.com 8/29/16
Any new OWF Releases? sik...@gmail.com 8/25/16
OZP: is ability to create a background widget gone or just not yet implemented? lind...@gmail.com 8/17/16
Information for OZP vs. OWF zachary...@gmail.com 8/17/16
Has anyone successfully deployed OZP to other than localhost? lind...@gmail.com 8/17/16
Local Server Deployment with Ansible Casey Rudge 8/12/16
Widget State Persistance Daniel Montanez 8/8/16
Image Size Raymond J Steele 7/28/16
Unable to run ozp-backend on Windows 8.1 csl...@gmail.com 7/21/16
Missing /usr/local/ozp/frontend/metrics directory shu...@gmail.com 7/20/16
OZP-IWC bower invalid-meta shu...@gmail.com 7/20/16
Error downloading from github.com shu...@gmail.com 7/19/16
OZP: Best way to create new users for basic auth? Anthony Baillot 7/19/16
Unable to connect to localhost:4440/center shu...@gmail.com 7/15/16
Basic development install without Vagrant Anthony Baillot 7/15/16
gunicorn_demoauth.service fails to start shu...@gmail.com 7/11/16
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