This is a public group dedicated to topics for the OZONE Widget Framework and the OZONE Platform. 

The group's topic areas are intended to be those for the open-source capabilities of OWF and OZP. For those of you familiar with previous versions or who have add-ons related to government environments, see www.owfgoss.org, and specifically the links for GOSS.

For more information about the released open-source capabilities and the OZONE Platform, see https://ozone.nextcentury.com

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Ozone 7.17.1 GA Released to GitHub Ozone Custodian 1/16/17
Widget get reset when moved in OWF Jerald Pratt 6/16/17
Error Building and running OMP 7.16.2 johanna....@gmail.com 5/22/17
Is OWF 508 Compliant (Accessible) ? simplyTech 5/16/17
After user account deleted logged in session for that user should expire or be canceled. tim...@sbcglobal.net 4/12/17
ozoneplatform.org down? Darren Lock 2/24/17
Migrating a widget to OZP bhain...@gmail.com 2/22/17
OWF/OMP in Edge kdrumm...@gmail.com 2/3/17
Is it possible to auto-login? kth...@vt.edu 2/1/17
OWF 7.17.1 with Tomcat 7.0.73 jason...@fiveriversservices.com 1/18/17
A username field that has a colon character is preventing users from logging in. awk...@gmail.com 1/13/17
Ozone Current Roadmap Q42016 jok...@gmail.com 1/12/17
Roadmap &/or implementation plan for de-coupling lagacy Apps' into Ozone Widgets 198...@gmail.com 1/12/17
Django URLConf and OZP authentication - How is https://localhost:4440/center/ is routed and processed? Gang Yang 1/10/17
Intents with ozp-iwc only work with debugger up in IE cnithi...@gmail.com 1/4/17
Invoking intents with large payload fails in ozp-iwc (IE only) cnithi...@gmail.com 1/4/17
How to administer User, Group and Permission? Gang Yang 12/29/16
OWF / ehcache versions coalesce....@gmail.com 12/7/16
How to add new apps to OZP? Gang Yang 12/6/16
OZP ansible installed - localhost change Chris Veitch 11/22/16
Decryption failed error when installing ozp-ansible on CentOS VM Gang Yang 11/21/16
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