This is a public group dedicated to topics for the OZONE Widget Framework and the OZONE Platform. 

The group's topic areas are intended to be those for the open-source capabilities of OWF and OZP. For those of you familiar with previous versions or who have add-ons related to government environments, see www.owfgoss.org, and specifically the links for GOSS.

For more information about the released open-source capabilities and the OZONE Platform, see https://ozone.nextcentury.com

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Upcoming OWF Patch Release kdrumm...@gmail.com 1/17/18
Ozone 7.17.1 GA Released to GitHub mparizer 1/16/17
OWF SSO and widgets Jim Pickering 12/15/17
Installation problem Arron Fox 11/21/17
Ozone Current Roadmap Q42016 jok...@gmail.com 11/17/17
SQL Server database for OWF - a couple questions bwel...@gmail.com 9/22/17
Ozone Widget Authentication pike...@gmail.com 9/7/17
Ozone Marketplace v7.17.0 GA Released to GitHub Ozone Custodian 9/6/17
metric server rabia irem uçar 8/17/17
advantages and disadvantages of owf rabia irem uçar 8/17/17
mongodb rabia irem uçar 8/14/17
owf database rabia irem uçar 8/5/17
list all preferences under same namespace rabia irem uçar 8/5/17
google maps rabia irem uçar 8/3/17
google map on local area (without internet connection) rabia irem uçar 8/3/17
common map api rabia irem uçar 8/1/17
OWF container rabia irem uçar 8/1/17
differences between intents and launchers rabia irem uçar 8/1/17
Adding Logging to the Widget rabia irem uçar 7/28/17
Adding the Eventing API to the Widget rabia irem uçar 7/26/17
store rabia irem uçar 7/26/17
Store Synchronization kristy....@gmail.com 7/24/17
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