Future releases of OZONE will be released as Free and Open Source Software.  As we are preparing for this we plan to consolidate our support groups and encourage the OZONE users and developer community to join and support the ozoneplatform-users google group.

Questions should now be posted ozonepatform-users.

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This forum is being deprecated and will no longer be accepting new posts Stephanie Schneider 2/18/15
Refreshing Widgets in IE8 mike allgyer 2/17/15
CAS proxy receptor URL protected Richard 2/16/15
OWF v7.0.1 and WebLogic Beth Wheeling 2/16/15
Do contrib account holders have access to versions of OWF beyond 7.0.1? DemiSheep 2/10/15
OWF 7.14.2 and JRE 1.8? Linda Coppola 2/10/15
Running OZP WebTop requires login to owfgoss mark 2/6/15
Issue removing groups from widgets field king 1/9/15
OWF Deployed to WebLogic Produces Error When Context Root Contains Underscore Beth Wheeling 1/9/15
Adding an intent to a widget from JavaScript Marc Landry 1/9/15
Load Users to OWF With A Script? Beth Wheeling 1/7/15
Create Administrator Widget Beth Wheeling 1/7/15
My widget UI does not show up when viewed in a browser outside of OWF DemiSheep 12/31/14
Load Group Names to OWF Outside the Security Plugin Beth Wheeling 12/22/14
How Do I Configure the Security Plug-In For LDAP Beth Wheeling 12/18/14
IE 10 Set Document Mode to Standard Jason Foust 11/20/14
Ongoing work on Ozone Jason Wagner 11/17/14
Listening for mouse events from other widgets David Struck 11/1/14
Reset widget window size in OWF 7.3.0? DemiSheep 10/30/14
ERROR 405 (Method Not Allowed) Lost in OWF 10/21/14
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