Welcome. This list is for discussion among developers and users of constraint-based layout system for the web.

For background, see the announcement of the Cassowary/JS port, the refactoring github projectand the original CCSS paper.

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Welcome! Alex Russell 3/30/12
using cassowary for declarative touch physics Ralph Thomas 1/15/15
IRC? Alex Russell 12/15/14
overconstrained.io Håvard Fossli 12/9/14
Time taken to add a constraint - weird outliers Alex Birkett 11/27/14
Cassowary Layout for Android released Alex Birkett 11/24/14
Grid, horizontal and vertical layouts and what about benefits Amirouche Boubekki 10/27/14
ANN: A pure Python implementation of Cassowary Russell Keith-Magee 10/27/14
Cassowary License Scott Shumaker 10/22/14
Required edit vars appear broken (java, javascript) Alex Birkett 10/21/14
C++ or Objective-C implementations of Cassowary? Bruce Cohen 10/14/14
Stay variables, what's the point? Alex Birkett 10/10/14
Stay Variables Cacaodev cacaodev 10/10/14
Cassowary non-deterministic? Alex Birkett 10/9/14
Coordinate systems Håvard Fossli 10/9/14
Intrinsic height Håvard Fossli 10/8/14
Hi! Håvard Fossli 9/24/14
Operator overloading in Cartography and Rhea Håvard Fossli 9/24/14
Question about effects of 'addConstraint' and 'endEdit' Matthew Trost 8/25/14
stumbled upon an AutoLayout implementation for AngularJS D4 Tocchini 4/26/14
hi! Ken Ferry 2/28/14
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