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The Drug Discovery and Development Industry in India— Two Decades of Proprietary Small-Molecule R&D BY Edmond Differding ANTHONY MELVIN CRASTO 8/12/17
Fwd: Register Data Integrity & 21 CFR Part 11 Workshop 2017 ANTHONY MELVIN CRASTO 7/13/17
Times Influence presents National Marketing Excellence Awards ( For Excellence in Healthcare), 7th July 2017, Taj Lands End, Mumbai... Nomination Opens... Farooq Shaikh 6/23/17
Fwd: Invitation to Join - Organic Process Research & Development Conference ANTHONY MELVIN CRASTO 6/13/17
Fwd: Invitation for “Conference: Formulatory 2017 Asia-Pacific”. ANTHONY MELVIN CRASTO 6/5/17
please contact DR RAM SHARMA directly ANTHONY MELVIN CRASTO 6/4/17
Patent expiry upto 2026 EXCEL FILE ANTHONY MELVIN CRASTO 6/4/17
Impact and management tool for identification and reduction of human Errors in pharmaceuticals Industry ANTHONY MELVIN CRASTO 5/7/17
[Conference : Formulatory 2017 Asia-Pacific 20th & 21st July]in Mumbai. India ANTHONY MELVIN CRASTO 5/6/17
Fwd: Presentation @ Chemspec ANTHONY MELVIN CRASTO 5/6/17
Short term certificate course on Modern concepts in pharmaceutical and chemical industries, May 27th- June 6th, MULUND, MUMBAI, INDIA ANTHONY MELVIN CRASTO 5/6/17
Catalyst from Fly ash and Kota stone Slurry. ASHU RANI 5/1/17
FREE EBOOKON Structure Elucidation by NMR in Organic Chemistry – A Practical Guide 3e by Eberhard Breitmaier ANTHONY MELVIN CRASTO 4/14/17
Structure Elucidation by NMR in Organic Chemistry 3e by Eberhard Breitmaier.pdf ANTHONY MELVIN CRASTO 4/14/17
Fwd: Our Pharma QA Ebook: Did You Get It? ANTHONY MELVIN CRASTO 4/3/17
US FDA Regulatory Guidance Updates for Jan to Mar 2017 amrit karmarkar 4/3/17
Orbit Intelligence - Leveraging Pharma IP Decisions pushpak16 3/24/17
SEE ME SPEAK: World Health Congress 2017 (WHC-17) Speaker | Dr. Anthony Melvin Crasto ANTHONY MELVIN CRASTO 3/24/17
FREE EBOOK Basic_Concepts_of_Organic_Chemistry.pdf ANTHONY MELVIN CRASTO 2/18/17
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