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Spectrometric-Identification-of-Organic-Compunds-7th-Ed-Silver-Stein-2005-No-Pass.pdf ANTHONY MELVIN CRASTO 12/4/16
Silverstein - Spectroscopy Chemistry NMR FTIR MS, please Find Two books ANTHONY MELVIN CRASTO 12/4/16
.......Introduction to Green Chemistry, Organic Synthesis and Pharmaceuticals ANTHONY MELVIN CRASTO 12/2/16
.........Chemical Development & Scale Up in the Pharmaceutical Industry’, Sea Princess Hotel, Mumbai, India 6th – 8th February 2017 ANTHONY MELVIN CRASTO 12/2/16
Solomons Organic Chemistry 11th Ed.pdf ANTHONY MELVIN CRASTO 12/2/16
Free Organic Chemistry (11th edition) by T.W. Graham Solomons, Craig B. Fryhle and Scott A. Snyder in pdf. SEE ICOS 21 ALSO ANTHONY MELVIN CRASTO 12/2/16
Custom Manufacturing Services: Exactly What You Need, Delivered Where and When You Need It ANTHONY MELVIN CRASTO 12/1/16
............ICOS 21, The 21st International Conference on Organic Synthesis, DEC11-16, 2016 - BOMBAY, MUMBAI, INDIA. ANTHONY MELVIN CRASTO 12/1/16
need for ester detection qualitative tests Amita Kocharekar 11/30/16
Fast and Effective DoE Studies For Innovative Chemical Development Author: U. Groth, METTLER TOLEDO ANTHONY MELVIN CRASTO 11/30/16
Free E-book on HPLC Method Development hnbhjwn 11/27/16
Advanced Organic Chemistry Part A - Structure and Mechanisms, 5th ed by Francis A. Carey and Richard J. Sundberg.pdf ANTHONY MELVIN CRASTO 11/25/16
Advanced Organic Chemistry PartB - Reaction and Synthesis by Francis A. Carey and Richard J. Sundberg.pdf ANTHONY MELVIN CRASTO 11/25/16
hnbhjwn 11/22/16
Information on Peptide synthesis and purification, analysis. shailesh.chandak05 11/22/16
Invitation to P-Mec (CPhI) 2016 Bombay Exhibition Center, Mumbai Vijay Kirpalani 11/21/16
CPhI-PMec India 2016 : Hall 5 J-53 --FLOW REACTORS & Plants, Crystallizers, Filters, Pumps . Vijay Kirpalani 11/19/16
PICS OF, UBM. CPhI India; 2nd Pre-Connect Congress 17th Nov 2016 at Hotel WESTIN, Mumbai, India ANTHONY MELVIN CRASTO 11/17/16
Chiral Chemistry in crop protection chemicals-case studies sbsibhatia56 11/14/16
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