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Optiq is a dynamic data management framework.

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Exception previewing data from Optiq Dan Keeley 1/6/15
Windowing Func with Distinct John Pullokkaran 11/22/14
Improved project pushdown for optiq-csv Bruno Dumon 11/22/14
DNF to CNF John Pullokkaran 8/29/14
Optiq 1.0: Building a strong library Jacques 7/29/14
Fwd: Optiq online meeting Julian Hyde 6/17/14
optiq-csv date types Martijn van den Broek 6/16/14
Optiq + Phoenix Tom Theng 6/10/14
Processing a scalar subquery as a Filter instead of a Join Aman Sinha 6/2/14
Transitioning to Apache mailing list Julian Hyde 5/29/14
Fwd: [VOTE] Accept Optiq into the incubator Julian Hyde 5/24/14
SQL scripts and reference logs Julian Hyde 5/23/14
Optiq-263 and trait propagation Julian Hyde 5/21/14
Apache incubator Julian Hyde 5/20/14
Is there any clue why Optiq defaults to Object[] storage of intermediate rows? Vladimir Sitnikov 5/18/14
Window Timothy Chen 5/15/14
Preparing for optiq-0.7 Julian Hyde 5/12/14
Table functions blog post Julian Hyde 5/10/14
trying to implement aan adpater for kairosdb kunal mahale 5/9/14
Feedback on Pull request 247? Jacques 5/7/14
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