Operation Computer Science Teacher Connect

A group to coordinate efforts to reach out to teachers from the open source community.

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Fwd: Moving this discussion to Pedagogy mailing list Selena Deckelmann 3/20/13
Fwd: Time Running Out To Submit Your CSTA Proposal Selena Deckelmann 1/18/13
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Twitter! Selena Deckelmann 9/11/12
Welcome and thanks: intros, next steps and background reading material Selena Deckelmann 9/11/12
Next steps status: connecting with CSTA Selena Deckelmann 9/10/12
Feedback from a private school teacher Selena Deckelmann 9/10/12
Input from a student Barbara Shaurette 9/10/12
Calico Project (formerly pyjama) Selena Deckelmann 9/8/12