This is the main discussion group for those working with or interested in the OpenXC Platform, a platform for using vehicle data in applications. For more information, visit the project's website.

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No steering_wheel_angle for European Focus Mk2 (2010, post-facelift, Ghia 2.0 107kw) Jan Kučera 1/26/16
Can not connect to Ford Reference VI with non-Ford cars Jan Kučera 1/26/16
Open XC support for non Ford cars Ashwyn Tirkey 1/26/16
Crosschasm C5 Cellular Dominic Meroux 1/26/16
Ford S Max 2011 Ola Andersson 1/23/16
chipKIT Assembly Instructions Michael Talamonti 1/13/16
[FS] CrossChasm C5 Travis Gintz 1/12/16
Open XC Ford project (display data) Victor Victorovich 1/6/16
New OpenXC-compatible Vehicle Interface from CrossChasm Chris 1/6/16
Ford Kuga 2010 cunbus list and read from odometer and speed Victor Victorovich 12/31/15
brake_pedal_status in OpenXC Yunfei Hou 12/23/15
Introducing the OpenXC Shop sudipto aich 12/21/15
.json trace file 8 bytes only? F(x) 12/20/15
Newbie question: Getting data beyond engine_speed and vehicle_speed Shaunak Kashyap 12/8/15
Fuel Consumption Algorithms Mark Lin 12/2/15
chipkit-vagrant flashing 12/2/15
Just got OpenXC VI from the shop - now what? Jan Kučera 12/2/15
Raw CAN F(x) 11/27/15
[OpenXC] Read data from Hyundai i30 Alex Salgado 11/18/15
Unable to read data from Honda Accord models Arun Ganesan 11/18/15
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