This is the main discussion group for those working with or interested in the OpenXC Platform, a platform for using vehicle data in applications. For more information, visit the project's website.

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OpenXC, mapping and routing? Gerald Robert Quinones 6:46 AM
Can log repository? M Muldoon 5/28/16
Reverse Engineered but 0C8 message seems to be an issue M Muldoon 5/28/16
Any way to modify variables without recompiling to board? Dylan Bingle 5/25/16
can we steer / accelerate / brake the vehicle with OpenXC jeremy dahan 5/20/16
VI firmware 7.1.1. not pulling all parameter data, but 6.0.3 type 6 does it Gopalakrishnan R. 5/16/16
Mexico Smart Journey challenge Eric Marsman 5/12/16
Diagnostics Trouble Codes (DTC) Database/API Iman Ferdowsi 5/12/16
Open XC Developers The App Connect 5/4/16
Is the 2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid firmware available? Ewen Chan 4/21/16
CrossChasm became FleetCarma, I don't find the "purchase" option anymore for the C5 dongle Dario Fiumicello 4/20/16
2011 Subaru Forrester? Cait Crawford 4/19/16
OpenXC VI will not connect to flash firmware Aaron McRuer 4/16/16
Receiving data sent from Enabler app using PHP 4/14/16
the type of output data of openxc enable yessine jammoussi 4/14/16
Getting Started Danny Ackerman 4/12/16
Are the Ford PID's available? Or only part of the compiled firmware? Danny Ackerman 4/11/16
FORDBOARD VI firmware problems Belina Campos 4/10/16
Bluetooth connection Tannaz S 4/7/16
how fast CrossChasm read data from CAN? Tannaz S 4/7/16
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