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parseHtml() not working or hidden login? Stanislav Vasko 12/9/16
how to blank down within a record 12/9/16
json file never completely imported opnoob 12/9/16
Cluster New Cell Value João Pereira 12/9/16
Split into several rows 12/8/16
Development: Any new versions of OpenRefine to come? Phil Anonymous 12/5/16
dublin core reconciliation service Cato Nano 12/4/16
Re: [OpenRefine] No such project "x" while loading/creating project - "importing] Disposed" Thad Guidry 12/3/16
Method to automate export? Helen 11/30/16
Json Parse with Jython Kennedy Oliveira 11/30/16
Import or create project with multi source files Mario Nolassi 11/29/16
Running individual scripts Gautam 11/25/16
Can't find how to parse a big and intricated Json Ettore Rizza 11/21/16
Some columns don't show Search for Match option when reconciling Steven Garcia 11/21/16
Simple way to access all cell values in a row Owen Stephens 11/21/16
Newbie: Difference between two dates stored in two columns 11/11/16
[help] Openrefine reconcile by other column(multi value) 11/11/16
OpenRefine won't save changes, new projects get corrupted after restart Wayne 11/10/16
OpenRefine Vulnerabilities Question 11/6/16
Apply operation history to a new file using API Rupert Schiessl 10/25/16
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