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"Add column by fetching URLs based on a column" stalls - anyway to know what's the problem. Aaron Tay 1:20 AM
Opening existing project taking forever Janelle O'Dea 10/17/17
Impossible to fetch data from a https URL Mathieu Saby 10/10/17
A non-terminating exports Alexander Ivanov ✔ 10/10/17
New Online OpenRefine Foundation Course magdmartin 10/10/17
What is curator's logbook? Bunnytutu812 10/8/17
How to Create a Schema and Validate CSV or Excel Values Against it? Tibaut Houzanme 10/6/17
If there is a value in a cell, another cell must not be empty Marco Antonino 10/6/17
Parsing Wikidata Json 9/25/17
Does add column by URL operate on all columns or just the matching rows Gorav Seth 9/22/17
Importing data stored remotely Daniel Fenn 9/19/17
Installing extensions issues Andrea Zanni 9/13/17
General recipe to strip and split html tables Sebastian Lipp 9/11/17
Reconciling through Musicbrainz Lara Marziali 9/7/17
unable to parse JSON Sebastian Lipp 9/2/17
Google Sheets Connection Nishita Tamuly 8/31/17
Code for blank cells with IF function Lukas Bechera 8/31/17
OpenRefine documentation on Wikidata Antonin Delpeuch (lists) 8/29/17
How do you turn off automatic type detection? Cody Winchester 8/22/17
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