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I just tried to install Google Refine 2.5 on my Xubuntu 14.04 machine and nothing starts. Jean-Victor Côté 7/6/14
removing duplicate based two coulmn value. Rajbhar 7/5/14
OpenRefine Export as ntriples ? / System requirements / rdf-extension-0.9 openRefinerNewcomer 7/3/14
Automatic update imported data from Google Drive Spreadsheets 7/3/14
how to create columns based out of cells Jayasree Atmakuru 7/2/14
Open Refine and DERI pipess Gautam SHAHI 7/2/14
Automatic update imported dataset from Google Drive Spreadsheet Romana Velflova 7/2/14
parsing dates Jon Voss 6/30/14
Launching Richard Ivers 6/27/14
phonetic() function Magdmartin 6/26/14
create new colums based out of values in a column Jayasree Atmakuru 6/25/14
Recon Service Errors. Any suggestions? Alex Xu 6/24/14
Embedding functions in Open Refine Raj Janakarajan 6/24/14
GREL, date transformation Bernd Oswald 6/24/14
Re: [OpenRefine] Where to ask usage questions about RDF Refine (DERI) plugin? Magdmartin 6/23/14
Any way to flag rows that have changed Shawn Holt 6/23/14
Linked Media Framework extension Miquel Centelles 6/23/14
Filtering by upper case Gustavo Magalhães 6/20/14
OpenRefine and uploading data to Freebase Rebecca Caswell 6/19/14
Programmatic project creation + import Raff 6/19/14
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