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Performance Improvements (initial heap space, autosave, row operations) Felix Lohmeier 3:46 AM
Proxy login/password (fetch url) Bapt P. 6/20/17
Assign a common ID to a group (facet) Franco Giovannini 6/20/17
Access denied / FileNotFoundException on Win 10 Franco Giovannini 6/20/17
OpenRefine 2.7 release qi cui 6/19/17
new function released to allow "transform all" qi cui 6/19/17
Simple way to access all cell values in a row Owen Stephens 6/19/17
transfer OR files to new MacBook taxidriver 6/19/17
Getting the Best Reconciliation / Wikidata etc N.H. Leroy 6/19/17
[Noob] How to round up values Daniel Da Silva Santos 6/19/17
Using TextRazor REST API in Open Refine Miquel Centelles 6/15/17
Need help Parsing this JSON file with duplicate Keys Edeline Gagnon 6/10/17
Wikidata Reconciliation > CSV HS 6/7/17
HELP! Tried to increase memory with JDK 8. Lost all my projects 6/6/17
How to merge rows of records? Jens Willmer 6/6/17
How to combine rows? Jens Willmer 6/5/17
New OpenRefine Extension: GOKb Utilities Owen Stephens 6/5/17
Json import stays stuck on "updating preview" Manu 5/30/17
Retrieve full URL of recon matches Joe Wicentowski 5/22/17 is now live in master branch Thad Guidry 5/22/17
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