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reconcile-csv issues taxidriver 8:05 AM
Trying to extract and clean UK postcode from address listing using java-style regexp Jeremy Kidwell 7:09 AM
Facet count based on a variable Jeremy Gillies 2:55 AM
Reconciliation with Getty AAT Silvia Southwick 2:39 AM
Installation fail 4/25/17
convering date format in openrefine 4/24/17
Newbie to Openrefine, I need help 4/22/17
Wikidata reconciliation: latest changes Antonin Delpeuch (lists) 4/22/17
importing and combining several files 4/22/17
Unable to import file Sayali Kulkarni 4/18/17
Openrefine "fetching URL" results blank 孟焯 4/17/17
Replacing diacritic (accent) characters Thad Guidry 4/16/17
API Command for Templating Exporter Dave Angel 4/15/17
Creating a new column based on two other columns. JD Schwarzenbach 4/13/17
GREL : why is there no "IN" function ? Ettore Rizza 4/13/17
Joining multi-valued cells/splitting column problems olivia solis 4/11/17
Access REST API which requires auth Vinz 4/11/17
OpenRefine and the power of Jython / Python Thad Guidry 4/8/17
Getty Vocabularies LOD Survey - Take it today! 4/7/17
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