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Create new column based on clusters Ivo Velitchkov 4/28/16
refine config: Opening non-standard system browser in Windows at startup possible? Jan Peters-Anders 4/24/16
"Butterfly still initializing" message Edward 4/20/16
how to blank down within a record 4/18/16
Combine cells with duplicate values in one column to multiple cells in another Kelly Applegate 4/15/16
column format Jonathon Paarlberg 4/14/16
Saving functions Dries Bultynck 4/8/16
Failed to use jdatapath to detect user data path error when starting openrefine, data read fails Michael 4/6/16
Adding new reconciliable endpoint Nabeel Ahmed 4/4/16
Join multi valued cells not working ThomasVee 4/4/16
Issue with parsing and selecting record in long XML files Gorav Seth 4/4/16
Trying to extract and clean UK postcode from address listing using java-style regexp Jeremy Kidwell 3/31/16
degre of similitary beetween on two strings on github-open refine. jobi joba 3/30/16
OpenRefine running in VM keeps losing projects in shared folder with host Tony Hirst 3/23/16
HTTP ERROR 500 when initializing Open Refine with RDF extension Miquel Centelles 3/22/16
RDF extension is not available Miquel Centelles 3/21/16
Opening running OpenRefine Charles 3/20/16
'Store file source (file names, URLs) in each row' option is not doing anything Gorav Seth 3/19/16
Steps to publish project as a reconcilable datasource in OpenRefine Sidra Shahbaz 3/18/16
how to open a project from back up? 3/15/16
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