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Help to test the DB extension qi 7:04 AM
Help to test the data package feature qi 12/17/17
Modifying the cell reconciliation candidates view? Ryan Shaw 12/16/17
regex help - do not match optional character olivia solis 12/15/17
RDF Extension Reconciliation not working with DBpedia kim vella 12/13/17
OpenRefine 2017 user survey magdmartin 12/12/17
Newbie to openrefine: How to concatenate values of 2 or more columns into a new one 12/12/17
Column Name sorting jennifer young 12/12/17
OpenRefine 2.7 rc-2 Aaron Tay 12/12/17
API Command for Templating Exporter Dave Angel 12/11/17
Reconciliation screencast by Owen + flyout service for Wikidata Antonin Delpeuch (lists) 12/8/17
RDF extension and future milestones? olivia solis 12/6/17
Reconciliation stall Will Hanley 12/6/17
OpenRefine Documentation Owen Stephens 12/6/17
Extension Writing Advice Michael Bowie 12/5/17
GREL for creating abbreviations from full names Steve 12/2/17
Fetching URLs Results in Blank Column, but Preview Window Shows Results Jennifer Hunt 12/2/17
openrefine data model Mathieu Saby 11/30/17
GREL to pull out the first value in a multi-valued cell Steve 11/29/17
#GivingTuesday and OpenRefine olivia solis 11/28/17
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