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Let the user choose which elements of a cluster will be merged Paul Smith 5/19/18
OpenRefine "Failed to use jdatapath to detect user data path" and runs out of memory too easily 5/18/18
OpenRefine and R Lang Support Thad Guidry 5/18/18
Re: Editing names Wynn 83 5/16/18
Using birth and death dates for reconciling persons with Wikidata christine eslao 5/16/18
Cell cross not working properly Lara Marziali 5/16/18
Is it possible to browse all found clusters together? Paul Smith 5/15/18
Import all files from folder Rui Pacheco 5/15/18
Heisenbug with reconciling multi-value cells in OpenRefine 2.8 Alan Orth 5/15/18
Creating column with relative row index for each row of each record Paul Smith 5/12/18
Getty vocabularies. LODrefine jennifer young 5/11/18
Programmatically delete columns 5/10/18
clean column, transfer all it contained to number and delete everything else Noor EL-Nammar 5/6/18
Memory needed 5/5/18
transfer letter to number Noor EL-Nammar 5/5/18
can we define the data types and import the format of the fields ? Suresh Anumolu 5/1/18 parse JSON wl 4/24/18
use case: automated workflow for harvesting, transforming and indexing of bibliographic metadata with OpenRefine Felix Lohmeier 4/22/18
How to export while keeping blank rows? 4/19/18
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