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How do you turn off automatic type detection? Cody Winchester 8/22/17
Request for comments: data extension API Antonin Delpeuch (lists) 8/21/17
How to check if cell values exist in an array? Yogesh 8/15/17
Replicating Common Excel Tasks in OpenRefine Wayne Smerdon 8/14/17
Contribute to OpenRefine's translation with Weblate Antonin Delpeuch (lists) 8/12/17
How to transform excel file that is close to a CSV, but includes global values Daniel White 8/10/17
Know javascript ? Help us. Research ! Thad Guidry 8/10/17
reconcile-csv with properties Lara Marziali 8/7/17
Diacritics and OpenRefine Thad Guidry 8/4/17
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.Error message olivia solis 8/4/17
Is there a way to use existing facet list to check the values in the cell Yogesh 8/3/17
How to extract MARCXML data? Felix Hemme 8/2/17
How do I merge two excel spreadsheets into one using google refine? Miha Tomsic 8/1/17
How do I find values contains only a-z A-Z and unicode characters Yogesh 8/1/17
Can I change values of multiple facets in a single operation? Yogesh 7/30/17
OpenRefine DOCUMENTATION Ettore Rizza 7/30/17
Issue with Columnize by key/value column Melanie Belisle 7/29/17
Editing a cell value Marco Antonino 7/28/17
Wikidata Reconciliation: new features Antonin Delpeuch (lists) 7/25/17
I'm having trouble parsing JSON Andrea Volpini 7/25/17
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