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How to search in OPDS catalog ? Pierre Timmermans 10/3/16
Request -- SciELO Books Amanda Ramalho 2/24/16
OPDS meeting in NYC Hadrien Gardeur 5/29/15
Including an *.ibooks file in an OPDS catalog Frank Lowney 5/19/15
Is there any IPR problem to make a translated version of OPDS as a Industry Standard a country? Dongsun Nam 4/10/15
Libraries and Scanning Projects David Bigwood 11/3/14
Integrating part of OPDS feed Ankit Goyal 10/28/14
OPDS Standard Compliance Frank Lowney 6/24/14
How to distribute ebooks? Benjamin McLean 6/21/14
Fixed layout Philippe Rathé 6/21/14
List of OPDS supporting client systems Ori Idan 4/28/14
Adding Reviews and things to my OPDS server 3/9/14
OPDS and Readium Foundation Hadrien Gardeur 6/6/13
Request for feedback on an OPDS catalog API Joe Wicentowski 6/6/13
OPDS in government, by publishers, etc. Joe Wicentowski 3/22/13
New test and support grid for OPDS clients Hadrien Gardeur 12/23/12
Relationship to ONIX Ori Idan 11/9/12
Frankfurt book fair Ori Idan 9/26/12
A modern OPDS client: Manifesto and mockups Hadrien Gardeur 9/17/12
Sort popular Ori Idan 9/9/12
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