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Keep openjump from reloading from database while editing its polygons? Brian Neuer 12/13/16
using openjump to do affine transformation isenhand 12/10/16
Can't start OpenJump Alexander Rumanovsk 10/28/16
Having problem while installing openjump Pratik Wagh 10/16/16
OpenJump query Mihaja raji 6/27/16
Save query in OpenJump Mihaja raji 6/27/16
Problem editing map data from a PostGis database 6/9/16
Image position changes whenever project is opened Amatek Teekay 5/2/16
Your message in openjump-users was denied openjump-users 3/29/16
OpenJUMP 1.9.1 released ede 3/13/16
Geological symbols Agustin Diez-Castillo 2/9/16
OpenJUMP tutorial Andrei 2/4/16
OpenJUMP 1.9.0 released ede 1/30/16
Added cut features tool to Editing toolbox Giuseppe Aruta 12/4/15
Oracle Spatial Datastore WAS: [JPP-Devel] Database Query Plugin - Oracle Spatial ede 12/3/15
Image .jpg in BBDD OpenJump ruben 12/1/15
How to resize a map in OpenJump (increase scale)? Amatek Teekay 11/2/15
New Measure Extension available for OpenJUMP Peppe 11/1/15
New user of OPENJUMP 10/19/15
Coordinate Transformation in OpenJUMP Michaël Michaud 10/17/15
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