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OpenJUMP 1.13 released Michaël Michaud 5/11/18
Copy/Paste Features To New Layer? John Laurence Poole 4/7/18
OpenJUMP 1.12 released ede 3/4/18
Can OpenJump label two fields in the same shape file? Just passin Thru 11/8/17
Trouble running Openjump on Windows 7 Mat 10/31/17
Vertex Notes Plugin Just passin Thru 10/24/17
How to zoom to an address? Just passin Thru 10/11/17
How to run a particular custom task via commandline vinay kumar 10/8/17
How do I run a particular task via commandline ? vinay kumar 10/6/17
How to show metadata from excel in gis Eisenwolf89 10/1/17
Re: loading an image layer - and moving it in OpenJUMP stefan 9/28/17
Newby on OpenJump How to get symbols such as valves and fire hydrants for point features? Just passin Thru 9/22/17
Problem editing map data from a PostGis database 8/11/17
How do I draw lines every 90 degeees (i.e. 0, 90, 180, 270) ? 8/6/17
How to identify unsnapped vertices? Amatek Teekay 7/18/17
Issues Setting up an Road matcher Session 6/22/17
Integration Shapefile ProjectionFinder or Check Austrian Projection in OpenJump GIS 5/9/17
OpenJUMP 1.11 released ede 4/13/17
Fwd: [jump-pilot:discussion] Photo not displaying using Map Tooltips stefan 2/6/17
Unattended (silent) installation ??? Lenz Lois 1/31/17
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